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Wednesday, June 18, 2003  

The past week has been a mega-stress week. You know the sort - when you have to do something difficult that will offend nearly everyone you know and it feels futile but you still know you have to do it. But in addition to that you have Deadlines and a cheery little performance in front of a bunch of kids and a bake sale to put together (in broiling heat) and a wedding to go to but you are still on your diet.

That sort of week.

And now it is over. Thank Goodness!

And for those following - another 1.8 lbs on Weight Watchers - my reward at the end of the race.

So now I have that funny light feeling one gets when the pressure is off. Now I have choices and options and think the coming days hold fun and adventure.

(and I’m putting entirely too much emphasis on things, hmmm ... must be relief)

BigDarling brought home some photos from the shop and by golly there are 2 more England ones. But I’m done posting. If you want to see all 380 photographs you will just have to come visit me. I was glad to get the whole trip posted, although blogger has done something with my archives and the first half of the trip seems to be on a “The following Blog*Spot page was not found:


You may wish to visit the home page for this site.”

eh well. bummer. at least they’re in a file I can access and save as an archival copy of my own. And I’m thrilled to hear Mama is reading about the trip. “Hellooooo Mom!”

In the stack of photos were these shots!
Drying in the shower

This one shows warm autumn colors in all 4 stages - dyed roving, stripped into pencil roving, in the sken and knit up.

A cool yellow and green in roving and swatch.

Warm and cool colors drafted together then spun and knit into a swatch.

This is the large pour dyed roving I am spinning right now - posted a scan of it last week. It's much more yellow than I thought it would be. Still, rather pretty, no? if a little 1960’s tie-die looking. I’m spinning the 2nd bobbin of the 2n’d 250 yards. There will still be some little roving nests left over after this, so I expect to get about 600 yards from it - so for the mathematically inclined that’s spinning at 1,200 per pound. I also have some Wensleydale spun up and I see that SpinOff is seeking skeins of rare wool for their Fall edition. I think I shall send them the better of the 2 skeins since I haven’t yet figured out what I want to do with this lovely wool.

So - the days ahead look to be wide open and spacious. A grand feeling after playing Atlas for a week. I believe I shall commit to no one and promise nothing and see how long I can indulge in my own happy pursuits.

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