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Saturday, June 28, 2003  

Now that summer is in full swing - even we have had 4 days in the 90’s - I just haven’t felt like knitting much. I keep thinking I should do something about Sigvaldi. I keep thinking I ought to start on that special hat I wanted to make - those 2 special hats rather. I keep thinking I ought to do something besides daydream. But nothing is motivating me. Of course, it’s understandable that someone would not want a lap full of heavy wool in an un-air-conditioned house. So, it’s okay about Sigvaldi - but neither hat would fill a lap. Or I could work on Ben’s socks. BTW, I finally just took one of the darned things off the needles so I am no longer knitting 2socks on 2circulars. I will not trick myself into doing that again.

The plan (last winter when I was full of NewYearsResolutions) was to knit Christmas gifts in July. If I am energized, I can get a pair of socks done in a week. Since my guys are all now complete hand-knit-sock-addicts, I have several pair to make. LittleDarling actually told me the only thing he wants for Christmas is wool socks. And there is a box of sock yarn by my bed. And every day I read about KnitDad’s steady production and am filled with either awe or envy. His socks are so beautiful. Let us hope I can take inspiration from him.

I notice a lot of blogs are sort of on vacation too. Jahara? What are you up to? Have you started your vacation yet? Blitzkrieging the house? Being pampered by handsome guys who bring you tropical drinks on trays? On a secret mission?

And what the heck? my comments are down. I can’t get my archives to post and would you believe it - this has been an issue I’ve been trying to get resolved since March and when I checked with blogger those guys had marked it “RESOLVED” !!! What is their idea of resolution - to tell me to lump it? I guess I’ll have to tap my computer wizard and beg for help.

My best friend/cousin has been away on vacation and I am really missing her. She is the one woman I can confide the most awful truths and fears to and know she will never be shocked or repulsed or disgusted. Usualy, in fact, she laughs and tells me she feels the same way, fears the same issues, believes the same truths. We have a saying "She's one of us" when we meet someone we really like. She and I have been friends for 30 years and we've never quarreled, which only goes to show everybody else must be wrong. We have quite different strenghts, but they are complimentary. And she’ll be home this week and I will be so glad.

(And the InnerBess comments “Touchy, this morning, aren’t we?”, pointing out the folly of taking things too seriously and reminding me that all things flow.)

So, as the sweet voice of temperance soothes my ruffled feathers, I will remember how pretty the tree looked yesterday when I came home to find all my skeins of yellow handpainted yarn fluttering among the branches - where they had been hung to dry. And I’ll get out the cards and flick open those colored mohair locks. Somebody else cleaned the house on Thursday so I have the weekend to play.

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