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Saturday, June 21, 2003  

Not much fiber news yet - though I did spin a little more, early this morning, on the yellow handpaint. It's so close to being done I have to watch myself or I'll get sloppy. Why is it so darn hard for me to spin an even yarn. I hope hope hope I can find a teacher/mentor/coach soon. I'm afraid I am practicing all sorts of bad habits. I also wrote down instructions for spinning loopy boucle and a core spun boucle and posted them on Knitters Review.

But today I went to meet the newest member of our family - 3 month old R S W, great niece on BD's side, and the first of her generation in the immediate family. Of course she is beautiful and looks like her father which means she's born for good luck. I adore this old sayng. When PABDOS, a.k.a. LittleDarling, was born, ancient ladies with tiny hands would peer at him, then look at me and clutch my arm, intoning Boooorn for good luck! Booooorn for good luck!. I thoroughly enjoyed this for, suburbanite that I was, I had never heard any old wives tales. And here were the original old wives passing on their wisdom. And what new mother doesn't want to hear her baby, which she already knows is beautiful, brilliant, talented, and kind, is also going to have good luck. So, I always pass it on.

Oh? Yes, well. When the daughter looks like the father, or the son looks like the mother, then either of them is "born for good luck".

I always give Love You Forever! by Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw as my new baby gift. It is the best book about the unconditional love a parent feels for his child. I also read it at story hour around Mother's Day and every one of us, including me, is weeping before it's over. I love this book as much as I hate The Giving Tree by Silverstein - where the love is poured onto barren ground even unto death. I don't call that love at all, for what sort of parent raises a child to suck up everything and still be unsatisfied? sheesh! That book gives me the creeps.

oops. well. Where did all that come from? Leftover controversial emotions, I am sure.

Afterwards, BD and I went to Fredericksburg for Texas chilli - only of course, I didn't have that, but the vegetarian chilli salad which was high enough in calories, fat, etc. but full of fiber. We strolled down town afterwards, in that delightful river town with its tiny shops full of surprises, antiques, and history. Back home we took a stroll in the woods, but not for long, beause the sky keeps darkening and I keep taking out or bringing in laundry. Best of all, there is still another glorious day left over in this weekend. By Monday we will know the answer to the question "Will Bess still be spinning on that yellow yarn, or will she get to go on to the carded rolags of grey coriedale fleece? Or will she get Martheme's yarn spun instead?"

Oh and a bit of an update. The lovely people at LittleBarnInc. where I bought such gorgeous cotton fiber at Md.S&W are back online. Their website had been down for weeks and they were away at shows. They've switched providers and are back up and running and they still have 98 lbs of that chocolate brown merino roving, because I bought 2 lbs of it on Friday.

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