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Tuesday, June 24, 2003  

Most of the yellow wool is plied - 194 yards in the first skein, but it was more than half the total fiber on the bobbins and I haven’t skeined up the second bobbin. I’ll do that next. Then, there is just a little of the fiber left to spin up. I plan to get that done this week so I have empty bobbins by the weekend since L is coming for a spinning day. Yippee. A wallow in the mud(pud)dle of fiber that is my stash. Maybe the order from Little Barn will be here too. mm mm mm I love packages. Especially packages with fiber in them.

Also my order from elann came yesterday. 12 balls of eyelash, 6 each, of a russet brown and a chocolate brown. Hat brims - these are slated to become. For this hat, to match the new coat I plan to buy next fall. And a spare, for some hat-wearing loved one. I bought a kit for this hat from Ram Wool, and it was supposed to be brown, but it is really a taupe - not a color I would have picked. I’ll make it anyway, because there is always room for another hat in the world.

And I am off today to play. Don’t know for sure what sort of play, since the date set with S was very casual and I haven’t heard from her since last week. It doesn’t matter. It’s the idea of a DayOff that’s such a treat.

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