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Tuesday, June 03, 2003  

I've still got sinus as it's called here in moldy misty damp virginia. Everybody who lives east of Interstate 95 has it. You say "I've got sinus" in much the same manner that one says "I've got e-mail". "Sinus" is the disease - one would never say "I have a sinus infection. If your head feels like cakes of cement have been packed up above your eyebrows and cheekbones, you've got sinus.

Well, sorry to be disgusting but if I have to suffer everybody ought to hear about it. It difuses my misery. nya.

I don't dare go to work either - even if I could my staff would chase me out of the building since I sound like a fog horn in some Sea Adventure movie. so - no pictures of Bath Abby yet. We shall resume the tour of England when I am well.

When I am up to moving about the house a bit I sit at my wheel, though, and work on my painted roving. Spinning it at about 27 WPI which usually knits up about 4.5 stitches to the inch when I ply it. I have 8 oz to work with and I don't think that would quite make a vest for me (weight watchers doesn't work that fast)- and by gum, I"m knitting this yarn into someting for me to wear. Definitely not gift yarn. I'm seriously thinking of color stranding this stuff with some chocolate brown merino. I know of a source for the roving but if the painted yarn knits up at the same gauge as Aurora8 I think I'll just buy that.

I've never heard of people combining handspun with commercial yarn. It might work - it might be awful. guess it depends on the handspun. Aurora8 is such a distinct yarn - very structural - and tidy - hmmmm. well - it's worth a try. If it doesn't look good I'll just resort to handspinning the entire thing. I am thinking now, maybe windowpane type squares in color, surrounded by frames of chocolate brown. hmmmm. yep yep - it's fun to plan.

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