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Wednesday, June 25, 2003  

A day with the promise of unlimited possibilities - that's how yesterday started out - till I went into the living room and was assailed with Evidence of Dog - and realized that I was going to spend the day with the Rug Doctor and the enzyme stuff. And since that was the case, I also spent some time scrubbing down the woodwork and walls. I am not a clean freak. I heat with wood, for heaven’s sake! I can’t be. But there comes a day when the weather rolls around from cool to hot and I know the house has to have a scrubbing. Usually that day comes in late April or early May, about the time we put up the window screens, but we’ve had so much cool wet weather this spring it took till June for me to notice how deplorable things had become. That, and of course, the impending visit of a spinner friend. And, the realization that July is almost here - the season of family visits, reunions, company!

Not even a twirl on the yellow wool! Eh. well. At least I have a nice place to do some spinning, instead of an animal house. Pets have been banished to the outdoors (till a pitiful little paw scratches pleadingly on the French doors some evening, like, tonight) Pets-in-the-house is something of a standing joke here anyway. I always swore NO DOGS IN THE HOUSE after we moved into this place, from the little cabin where all carbon based life forms connected to us seemed to cluster. That lasted about ... a week. We’d just bought our first Lab puppy and I didn’t know about Labs. They are not DOGS. They are more like beloved, but insistent, in-laws. They move in. They take over. They fill your life with joy. But they come inside, that’s for sure.

So then it was NO DOGS ON THE FURNITURE which actually holds good most of the time. I do remember one year having bronchitis so bad I thought I’d just give up. I was shivering in bed and the old yellow lab came up to check on me. Somehow, the idea of snuggling up to that warm furry body was the only image of comfort I could find and I let her up on the bed. But she knew, in this area I was boss and never presumed upon her position. Now, if I weren’t at home, well, that was another story. One late winter evening I came home from a town meeting. BD and LD, who was probably about 10 at the time, were up in our room. I could see the light on. It had been one of those surprise weeks of warm weather that hits VA, making you dig out shorts and T-shirts. Those days, which usually come in February, create soppy muddy - impassable - roads for farm folk, and also lots of evening fog. I had decided to leave the car out by the mailbox and walk in, softly muffled by the heavy cloud of fog. But while wet foggy nights aren’t much good for driving down mud choked farm lanes, they are excellent vehicles for sound and as I approached the house I could hear every word those two naughties were saying.

“We won’t tell Mama about being on the bed, now, will we, Tru?” floated out the window. I crept up to the house and in the gruffest, growliest voice I could achieve I said “Whozzat up in my bed?”

Three crashes hit the floor - as they all jumped out of the bed. I was laughing almost too hard to hear the squeaky “Nobody, Mama”. Lord love ‘em.

Anyway, we do let the dogs in winter evenings but come summer time I mostly keep them outside. That is - I did, till we got Ike, the black lab who just turned the door knob and came in anyway. There are so many Ike stories I could write for days, but there will be no more, because Ike died last October, leaving us bereft and aching. We still have pleanty of dogs, including Old Topsy, who I wrote about in April - second month of lost archives. Some day we will get another, but we’re just not ready yet. Heck. Someday I will figure out how to get my archives to show up again!!

For the record, last night was WeightWatchers. I lost 2.4 lbs, but I think that is probably not quite accurate. I don’t think I had on enough clothes - usually I go after work and have been trying to wear at least similar clothing. Yesterday I had on shorts. Well, it’s nice to see progress. I went “shopping in the attic” later that evening, pulling out stuff that hasn’t fit in a while. Some losses are so sweet.

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