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Thursday, June 05, 2003  

Big Darling had to go out of town yesterday, which was a mixed blessing - for though I miss him when he is gone, when I am around he must engage me in conversation and these alergy related ThroatNoseChestSinusEarThingies always affect my vocal chords. Silence (a near impossibility for me, to begin with) is the only cure - but he is sure that if I am in the house it is our last ever opportunity to talk to each other. 24 hours of not talking at all has done wonders!

And so I shall go to work today and see if a) there is more work to be done than any 3 humans can accomplish or b) I am redundant and completely unnecessary.

Yesterday, in my quest for physical peace and artistic fulfillment, I spent a good bit of time with HeyBaby, my Ashford spinning wheel. After a while I realized that I had not coughed the entire time I was spinning and I began to wonder if the rhythmic treadling at Bess'OwnPace was centering and calming my body to where it didn't trip into the sort of spasmodic coughing spells that always follow a bout with sinus. I read all the time about spinning's hypnotic, calming effect - but is this some sort of mind-over-body treatment? like Yoga or meditation? hmmmm. I know this much - usually the coughing part at the end is worse than the sore throat at the beginning.

Another thing I'm wondering about is that "B.O.P". No matter what I begin doing with HB; thin yarn, thick yarn, experimental novelty yarn, - I usually end up spinning at the same pace. In fact, HeyBaby pulls me into a sort of dance - she did right from the start. She seemed to say "You are going to buy me and we are going to spin like this, and I shall lead." I have never had a tool/instrument/toy/thing that had such a satisfying personal relationship with me. I played violin professionally for many years and even as a child I had fine instruments - which always seemed insulted to be plaid upon by a child and which invaded my dreams, turning them into nightmares about falling off stages and crushing my violin beneath me. When I pick up my fiddle now, it is always so grateful to be played once again that I feel guilty and don't pick it up again for long stretches, which then repeats the cycle of crummy feelings. Even BigDarling, who has lived with me 30 years and began that life as my musical partner, mentioned yesterday morning that I sit at HeyBaby more than I have ever played either violin or harp. And he is right. She and I just dance together in the loveliest harmony. And the yarn we create, while still of an amateurish nature, is at least always satisfying. (except when I put that cotton drive band on her - HB was really ticked about that and everything I spun on her then was awful!)

And I think about some other spinners I know - and how different they are from me. How much better spinners they are. How much more production oriented they are. How differently their wheels speak to me. I have twice tried a Majacraft wheel and both times they have told me to bugger off. Imagine - completely rejected by a spinning heel! I would like to spin enough to actually knit a sweater - I intend to, in fact. But there doesn't seem to be any hurry to get there yet. HB and I are just moving along at our gentle pace. It's as if we are telling each other jokes and sharing gossip about stuff - a little here, a little there - let's hang a few skeins out among the trees now, and see what else we can do together.

And this line of thinking - when I begin to ponder other people's style - gets me to wondering about community and self and art and how we hunger for a society of people who are similar, but different enough to let in a little competition and also who can challenge us and stretch us but who don't defeat us ... and I see this is a theme for another whole posting and I had intended to post about England in May so I think I will leave this topic and dig out my travel diary.

Look for Day 6 this afternoon, for I am working the late shift and will take a dinner break around 4, when I can post the pictures.

P.S. I was too sick to go to WeightWatchers Tuesday night but I've been very good about sticking to the diet. Already feel better. My secret this week has been 2 cups of steamed frozen stir-fry mix vegetables sprinkled with 1 T of parmesean cheese with every dinner. There is a Saturday a.m. meeting which I'll drop in on.

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