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Monday, June 23, 2003  

And the answer is “Yes”. I am still working on the yellow yarn. At least I am plying it, but I spent the day flitting from one thing to another, staying on-line waaay too long, and reading the new Harry Potter. It’s rare that I snatch up the hot titles people are waiting impatiently for, but now and then I do. Besides, I am not as interested in this one as I was the first 4 so I shall probably not read it thoroughly. This is no criticism of the book, either, but a hint about the mood I am in these days, which is flittery, of course. I don’t seem to be able to drop into the trance of absorption that real projects require. These insubstantial moods usually bespeak the embryonic stage of a NewProject, but you can’t hurry these things. I shall just have to wait till passion ignites. Oddly enough, the more concentrated I am in one thing, the more I am willing to dive into other things, while when I don’t feel a deep passion for whatever I am doing, I don’t tend to be interested in anything. Does this mean I like to be under stress or scattered? eh? who knows? who cares? We are what we are.

And I got one of those F-word phone calls last night which has put me in a really rotten mood. Even though I should know better and should consider the source. Rats. I wonder why those crappy little digs from family members have so much power.

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