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Tuesday, May 27, 2003  

Today, my fiberfriends, I will begin a daily posting about my trip - with a hopeful addition of sketches, websites and photos. I will post it separately so you can skip that part if you wish - and then post any fiber news or other exalted opinions I feel like adding.

But boohoo for me - I have to go back to work just when I had decided that permanent vacation (with pay) is my preferred status.

HeyBaby is delighted to have her old drive band back on and she spun the most interesting yarns for me. I’m experimenting with the dyed rovings I made on Saturday - some singles, some plied and some multi-plied. (oooo had to sneak that one in). And the large 80 oz. roving is dry now so I will play a little with that this week too.

There are photos of the swatches I’ve knit up, but they are still buried in the camera. I’ll try once again with the cheapy digital I bought but that will have to wait till Wednesday.

I’ll admit it - I’m nervous about going back to work. I can’t remember what it is I do!

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