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Friday, May 30, 2003  


We have a bathtub again so now I am realio, trulio home. We waaaaaaited and waaaaaaited for the tile fellow to come on Tuesday and Wednesday and finally BigDarling called and he said "oh! I've been trying all week to remember what I was supposed to do on Tuesday!" But he is a former cubscout of mine. I can't stay angry. and he was here last night about 9:30 and I swear the tub has never looked so good. He will come back today and re-grout. Yes. life is good. I can finally read my stitchesEast brochure because everyone knows you have to be in a state of perfect relaxation to open up that list of temptations.

I hope I can go this year but I'm so overwhelmed with surpluss of goodies right now I'm a little afraid of the market. Ahh well. that is 5 months away.

I have a series of meetings this morning that necessitates going in to work 2 hours early. I won't even try to post about England, Day 5 till lunchtime (In fact - I may not get it posted till tomorrow.) because Day 5 was the trip to Bath (Bahhhhhth) and it was a "fulfillment" trip for me. I was really the only person who wanted to go and am I glad I held out for it.

I'm knitting a tiny swatch of the large handdyed roving. There are 8 oz of it and I'm thinking that will be my first big project - I've enjoyed sampling all of them, blending colors together, trying all three rovings in one long draft - but that bright kelly green - a sort of L.L.Bean green dominates everything. I may still put it together with the mostly autumnal one because it does make an interesting bright green with lots of speckles of warm colors - and I'd have about 6 oz so I could make something nice like hat and maybe mittens, or a baby sweater for some particularly colorbold mama.

What is interesting in this swatch is the way the purple mutes and softens. It is a medium warm yellow, vivid orange/red and medium light warm purple, with bits of green and blue where colors migrated. I am thinking this yarn would go well with a rich dark brown and now the mind begins to think "thin thin yarn to knit in color stranded work on solid brown". I'll try to decide this weekend - just what do I want from this yarn. The sample is working nicely on #5 needles - looking like 5 stitches to the inch, but I know I can spin this stuff into a yarn that knits up at 6 st. to the inch without much struggle or concentration.

I'm ready for a long haul spinning session.

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