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Monday, May 26, 2003  

Now and then or even more frequently, my inner me likes to reach up and grab an ankle to trip me. Evidently InnerMe doesn’t like ConciousMe to get complacent. Lately blogger has been a little difficult to use - can’t get into the template, can’t always even post, and now I can’t check the stats program to see who’s been visiting. I like this program because I can visit back - and several favorite blogs are not either listed on my blog or saved as favorites - I just got in the habit of going to bstats and then clicking on the source list.

eh. well. crumbs.

That is the sort of ENFP thing I do - fine a clever way to begin something, but never carrying it through to a useful conclusion.


Today is the last day of a glorious 24 day vacation. I have never had this much time off from work, and these weeks have been so full I haven’t missed it at all. It’ll be interesting to get back, but it does make me think about the nature of vacations.

Last year I went with friends to the beach for a vacation. Every day I woke, had a leisurely breakfast, walked a few feet to the ocean and got in the water, stayed there for several hours, literally letting the actions of the waves pummel me gently like some high paid masseuse. At noon I’d walk back to the house for lunch, take a nap, wake up and go back for another session with the fitness ocean, then supper, gentle conversation and bed by 9:00. I did this for 7 days and at the end I was completely rested, mellow, relaxed, and in a perfect frame of mind to jump back in to work.

This year I not only traveled, but also filled my world with drawing, seeing, fiber, friends, reading, even shopping! Every day was cram jammed with activity - mental as well as physical. And I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to have to give my brain to anything except my personal interests.

I think I need a vacation!

(here I wish I had one of those laughing smilies)

As for my dyed rovings - oh! oh! they are gloriously fun to play with. I am so glad I have Deb Menz’s Color in Spinning to help me see what I can do with these rainbows. I’m sorry to say that this book is out of print and if you don’t have a copy of it, do try to see if your library can get it for you. If, as I did, you fall in love with it, do contact Interweave Press and ask them to reprint it. In the mean time, you can buy Menz’s videos on fiber dyeing and preparation. Victorian Video’s have them. They are exellent - in fact, many of the techniques in the book are covered in the videos - but not the color theory and formula parts. There are other good books on color theory but it’s nice to have all the info in one book.

The large 8 oz roving I dyed on Saturday is still not dry. (Well, nothing in my world is dry right now - for it’s rained hard every day since I’ve been home.) It is far more colorful than the smaller painted pieces. This one was dyed by pouring color on the fiber while it was in the vinegar water. The colors moved a lot more in that water bath. I am agog to spin some of it but I will just have to wait.

A frustrating thing for me has been how clumsy my spinning has been ever since I changed the drive band. I haven’t been able to spin a consistent, even, yarn once. So yesterday I put the old band back on the wheel and right away things felt better. The first band is a stiff fiber - it came with HeyBaby and I wonder if it is a linen band. The second one is cotton, thicker, spongier, and it is possible to untie it. I never cut the old band, but just unhooked it and looped it around the upright that holds the drive wheel. Whatever the reason, my spinning is vastly improved since I switched back. So - if HeyBaby wants the old band, then HeyBaby gets it.

And so it goes. The world is so full of such wonderful things, you’d think we’d all be as happy as kings.

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