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Thursday, May 01, 2003  

I, too, received the L’Atelier catalog - surprisingly - for I don’t remember ordering it, but then, I visit lots of web sites and frequently request catalogs so I could have requested it. Besides, I'm sure I'm on lots of fiber related mailing lists.

I have to admit, I rather enjoyed looking at it. Yes, it’s organized more as a designer’s sketchbook than a catalog and they must have just looked at $ spent per person, rather than per garment when they decided to send me one, since it’s pretty far outside my budget. I will spend $100 on a sweater but probably not on a camisole. For sure I won’t buy $150 worth of buttons for any project.

But I don’t buy from the Sax 5th avenue catalog either and I thoroughly enjoy looking at it. I’m a magazine junkie. Eye candy - that’s how I sometimes feel about them. They are like the fortunes in cookies - only you have to pay for them. So when a freebie comes along, it’s a special treat.

Truth is, I never even looked at the prices in the catalog till somebody mentioned the $654 cashmere sweater. What I did do was take it to my favorite magazine spot - the bathtub - and let myself be thoroughly entertained. I liked the sketches - especially the ones of modular looking garments, little blocks of intarsia knitting that looked just right for using up stash bits. I particularly liked the sweater on page 4 - just a sketch of a squarish sweater with a scrunched down loose turtleneck. Yep. I could see myself designing my own version of that using sale bin single skein bargains. I was intrigued by the swing of the sweater sketched on page 5, but I didn’t think the knitted up version, which is the cover photo, looked as good as the sketch. I did like the embroidery embellishments on it, though, and could see myself using that idea. I’m not into ruffled hems or most of the asymmetry that’s so popular these days, so the eyes just slid past all of those, but I quite liked some of the little sleeveless tops - I’d show a lot less midriff - or a lot more, depending on how you look at things, but they were all do-able. The Noro sweater on page 12 reminded me once again that I just have to get over my prejudice about that yarn. I hate how it looks in the skein. I’m completely turned off by the black that’s mixed into every colorway. Yet all the Noro things I’ve seen knitted up look lovely. If I’m ever going to use the stuff, I’m just going to have to turn off both my senses and my emotions and knit with it on pure faith. I haven’t even been able to pick the stuff up in shops, much less buy it. I really liked the angular draped collar on the sweater on page 31. I suspect it’d be fun to play with that idea - maybe using novelty yarn for the collar and something plain for the sweater.

So, what about the $75 club membership? Whew. But still - 5 good ideas out of this issue. That’s $6.82 per issue, or $1.36 per idea. Hmmm. You see, I would probably never buy of their patterns. I’m always going to put together my own design. Even if I didn’t need to, I have another prejudice that says I have to have custom fit so I may as well design my own. It may or may not be absolutely the truth, but it is based upon the truth. So I look at magazines, catalogs, etc. for the inspiration they give me, not for the instructions. If I find 5 good ideas in any of the other knitting magazines I get I feel very pleased - satisfied - ready to renew my subscription. And they cost me $25 a year for only 4 issues which comes to $6.25 each. Not a whole lot of price difference. And for a knitting, fiber, magazine junkie, the treat of monthly designs is awfully alluring.

Well the question is moot. I don’t have $75 right now and after this weekend - this whole month, in fact, I will be paying off Visa for the rest of the summer. So even if I were to decide I want to subscribe - it will have to be in September or so. Eh. Another one of those choices I don’t have to make. But I sure am glad I somehow got on their list. Thanks L’Atelier, for the eye candy. The only kind that makes its victim (my wallet) thinner.

posted by Bess | 6:25 AM