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Friday, May 30, 2003  

Here it is Sunday evening already and I've not posted a jot all weekend. This is because the allergy devil invaded my body on Friday. Probably been after me all week, but I developed a headache on Friday around my eyebrows. A most rare occurence, I first suspected my glasses were at fault. Alas, I woke, after a vivid dream about needing to placate my fox shaman - interesting thought there, with the dragon of a sore throat and an ear ache as well.

And so I missed a family wedding and have moped about most of the weekend. I did separate all the handpainted roving and drafted it into lovely long strips - all are wound, counted, weighed, and separated into two piles. I hesitate to begin spinning, though, because I feel so fuzzy I'm afraid I'll screw something up.

Eh. well. I can not complain. All through England I neither sprained an ankle nor sucked up some alergen. If I have to have a turn at the swollen head, I can be grateful it happened at home.

If I am up to it, you shall hear about Gravesend and Greenwich in tomorrow's post.

P.S. I have deleted all reference to perfumes and scents. Even the thought of fragrance makes me feel ill. But do take a look at the well collected information on fiber dyeing in this week's

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