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Wednesday, May 28, 2003  

The first day back at work is so wasted and yet there always has to be a first day back. How fortunate that no really serious events occurred while I was gone. How glad I am it’s a short week.

I pulled my large painted roving a little last night, separating 2 lengths about 3 feet each, and spinning them. It’s amazing how these BRIGHT colors soften in the spinning process. My original concept when I dyed these things - an amorphous glimmer of an idea of copying the yellow and medium peach in a skein of Prism yarn I have - but adding lavender to it. What I dyed was YELLOW RED and PURPLE. What is on the bobbin is pretty yellow, lavender and a warm red - still not quite what I was thinking, but much closer. I wonder what it will look like plied.

This is such an adventure!

And last night... ahem... urm .. gulp ... I joined Weight Watchers. Let us see if I can achieve as close an effect there as I did with my dyed rovings.

Oh! and happiest news of all! LittleDarling is back in port and will be home this weekend!

posted by Bess | 7:35 AM