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Friday, May 23, 2003  

About an hour before we left, 2 weeks ago, BigDarling scraped off all the caulking around the bathtub. It had grown rather disgustingly discolored. While he worked, the fear was confirmed, that some of the tiles were loose. So he pried them off the wall as well, (who can fathom the activities of He-Who-Waits-To-Leave?) and left a message for the local tile setter. Of course, He never has gotten back in touch, and now MOI, the bath lady, doesn’t have a tub.

This is not a good thing. Bath therapy is one of my sanity tricks. Oh, we have a shower downstairs, but that is not the same. Besides, this is not a cleanliness thing. It goes far deeper than skin. In order for me to function properly, I need total immersion. It must be the ancient Roman in me.

A dozen phone calls later and we have the promise of a visit by a man who used to be one of my cub scouts. Now - what is the world coming to when you have to hire a cub scout to fix the tiles around your bathtub?! (Rhetorical question, we all know the world is coming to nursing homes.) It also means that LittleDarling turned 27 this month.

It will be interesting to see what he can come up with for repair tiles since the original ones were discontinued odd lot boxes my sister bought at auction in 1970 to use in her own bathroom. 1960’s colors, if you read between those lines. We installed them one long summer evening about 1980.

BigDarling had been building this house since March 1978 - working every day after he got home, till the light failed. That dogged determination and ability to come to completion is one of his most impressive characteristics. One of his more flighty ones is a certain reluctance to read all the instructions before picking up hammer, screwdriver, saw, or trowel.

Because these were odd lots we had to do some sort of design and since it was late at night (after 9, for me) I was not very creative. We settled on a checkerboard of random colors alternating with plain white tiles, of which we had an almost unlimited quantity. I handed the selected tile while BigDarling applied mastic and set it. He was not exactly tidy with the glue and before long the entire tub was spattered with sticky globs. When asked if they ought not be wiped up immediately I was assured “No No there’s no need for that. I’ll clean it all up at the end.” It was way into the wee dawn hours when we finally finished that tub enclosure and I left him to do the cleanup. I had just sunk into that portion of sleep from which waking is excruciatingly painful when some brute began to shake my shoulder and shout in my ear “wake up I need help! We have to get that mastic off the tub immediately. Help!” So, with tearing sleep-drugged muscles I crept back out to the NewHouse and helped him clean up the goo. But our tub has always had a sort of streaked look to it that never really looks clean.

Isn’t it funny the things that stick in your memory?

And the shower enclosure certainly is colorful. Not the sort of thing you want to look at if you have a hangover or the flu, but we have a curtain over most of it anyway. Unfortunately we gave away all the tiles to another friend who has her own version of a 1960’s bathroom. So it will be interesting to see what’s waiting for me when I get home today. For yes, I am going off to play with BestBelovedCousinSoulSister. No plans. Just time spent together.

And tomorrow is the fiber dyeing workshop. There may be a real fiber related topic to discuss soon.

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