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Thursday, April 10, 2003  

What is with Yahoo groups! I'd love to subscribe to some of the lists they have there but to join they want all sorts of information I don't want to give out. Why do they need to know my first name? What possible use would some overriding institution have for my birthday? Why should I have to get a yahoo email address to participate? Is it important for them to know if I am a female in order for me to be worthy to participate on the Spindlist?

This is just a little too much greed for me.

gets one to thinking about conspiracy stuff. Time to sketch out a sci-fi plot.

And it's probably good I can't subscribe. I already spend hours on this thing every day. I already don't get to all the blogs I've grown fond of. When would I have time to actually do any spinning, knitting, gardening, dreaming.

Those who love me will be pleased to know that yesterday's whine was the last gasping effort to cling to procrastination. Not only did I get my butt moving, contact the folks I needed to, took care of some essential paperwork, and write and deliver the prospectus for my sheep-to-rug class, but I also began listening to Leadership -- by Rudolph W. Giuliani, on my commute to work. Just what the doctor ordered (Doctor Bess, that is). I still can't listen to the parts about 9/11 without crying but when he gets into describing how he manages an organzation as big as the city government of NY, I am reminded again of the importance of taking time to start each day knowing what you are supposed to do, talking with your staff (in my case, 3 people, but still...) how it's taking care of little things that puts people into the mindset of assuming you can take care of things at all. Very good for me to be reminded of how utterly stupid it is to hide behind the interruptions of the day or dealing with ThePublic instead of organizing my life so that I can also pay attention to the small stuff that grows into back-of-the-refrigerator-fungus-like monsters if they are neglected. Particularly if you are like me and create the back-of-the-refrigerator-fungus-like monsters in your mind, before you've even really neglected the small stuff! (is this a Virgo thing or just proof that I have a vivid imagination?)

Mind, now, this is not an endorsement of the book - for I've only listened to the first tape - or the man, really, since I've never delved into his biographical stats. Just saying I can use the organizational nuggets he's offering right now.

And I have just about finished the second bobbin of fine spun merino wool. Think I'll go see if I can get it done before work.

posted by Bess | 7:21 AM