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Wednesday, April 02, 2003  

Two of my complaints to the help desk at blogger got answered today - and they said I can't post the May garden tour photos because I don't have the exact correct folder in my ftp file. Well maybe so - I'm way new to all this coding stuff. But I tried to post some photos of my handpainted tile wall (the one in the kitchen) here, on the original blog, and got the broken link box too. Well, I'll see if it posts at lunch time on the fast machines at the library. I'm finally discplining myself to do my writing in a .doc file - so much easier to reconstruct them.

AT LAST! My sweater class has joined sleeves to body and will be working on the yokes. These always go so surprisingly fast. With one student the yoke will be plain with only a stripe of varigated yarn like a sort of necklace after the 2nd decrease so she didn't have to figure out any pattern math. The other student will join sleeves, decrease 4 stitches and then her 6 stitch pattern will fit neatly into the yoke area. I rarely knit myself when teaching so I merely joined sleeves to Sigvaldi's body, but now I can get going on the yoke. I don't want this sweater lingering over the summer. Next Tuesday is the Tuesday Night Knitter's night and I've told my students I will help them with their yokes if they have any difficulties - I reeeeeeealy hope we can do the finishing bits the following week.

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