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Thursday, April 03, 2003  

Some days are red letter days. Just darn near perfect days. Today was one for me. What was so great about today? Just read:

· Slept great after getting a phone call from the PABDOS the sailor boy.
· It was warm enough to open the windows - and go barefoot
· Skeined up the other 112 yards of Wensleydale
· Spun the merino at 40 wpi !!!!!
· Was escorted off the farm by the Bald Eagle
· Didn’t have anything wrong with my teeth
· Got a phone call from His Wizardness Todd (who helped me set up an ftp program that bypasses blogger non-functional one so I can put up pictures here)
· Talked to Barbara Gentry at Stony Mountain Farms, who assured me I can, indeed, spin Suffolk sheep fleece (and teach 12 year old 4H girls to do so with their fleeces so they can then learn to dye yarn, knit or crochet rugs for their bedroom and enter them in the State Fair).
· Had dinner with my soulsister Hannah and her two little girls
· Had the house cleaned by SomebodyElse
· Plucked the skeins of blue wool off the cherry tree when I got home
· Could still spin at 40 wpi tonight, proving this was not just a fluke

This is just about a perfect day.

Oh - and by the way, don't you dare think my kitchen counters ever really look like that - they were just cleared off for the photo op.

posted by Bess | 8:02 PM