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Wednesday, April 09, 2003  

So - what do I wish my life was like? ahh. I want it to be like the Moldau, both the river and the orchestral piece by Smetana. It begins with a lovely union of 2 streams up in the mountains and gradually expands as it tumbles down through field, valley, town, past weddings, peasants and cityfolk. always moving steadily in the same direction, taking all obstacles in it's course with success a guarantee at the end when it joins the wider flow of the Elbe. The Moldau doesn’t have any doubts about what it’s supposed to do. The beauty around it is its given due. The angst, struggle, joy and frustrations of others around are noted, appreciated, performed, but they don’t have any impact on the river’s destiny. No demands are made upon the river, although it shares it’s bounty with all around it. All that is expected of the river is for it to be there. Existence is enough. it’s actually more than enough because by it’s existence, those around it can prosper via transportation, commerce, fishing, industry, agriculture. It gives, but it is not depleted by its giving.

Heh! does it sound like I have things I’m supposed to be taking care of and instead, am dodging? well. I am. Bah! I am the queen of prior agonization and build such bogey men out of a little responsibility and a whole lot of dread that it’s a wonder I ever get anything done at all. and no. I haven’t gotten my taxes done yet. Nor have BigDarling and I had our discussion about money which is always such a strain. And who ever would have been stupid enough to get married in April - so that our wedding anniversary is always immediately after we have sucked the bank accounts dry every 4/15? Gad we were stupid - and broke, of course - back those decades ago.

But I must admit, there is one ounce of finely spun merino on one bobbin and 1/2 an ounce on the other and very soon I will ply them up and see what I have created. Turns out I need only 1 ounce of finely plied yarn to enter into the Maryland Sheep and Wool show. Wonder what you can knit out of 2 ounces of fine spun merino wool. yes yes. I must admit. life is good. and I can think about taxes tomorrow - at Tara.

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