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Monday, April 21, 2003  

Sigvaldi is zipping along. I'm on round 3 of the last chart in the yoke. 3 more rows then I begin the final decreases. It's these decreases that attracted me to the sweater in the first place. I’m knitting mine in a dark brown called Bark with cream as the yoke color, accented with rust. Very me sort of colors. I did my knitting out in the garden again yesterday, enjoying all the fragrance and beauty and companionship of old Topsy, PABDOS’ 15 year old Lab. My lilac bush was simply coated with butterflies making the perfect Easter color combination of shivering purple and yellow. I believe Mr. and Mrs. B. Eagle have a nest in that tree along the marsh. Both of them were lighting frequently - and I considered stalking the tree to see but decided against it. The ground is pretty rough along the edge of the marsh and the ankle protested. It was enough to enjoy their whistling call.

No spinning at all - for BelovedHannah of the tickling god-daughters called and invited us over for a Rockfish and Roe supper. She’d been to the Mattaponi Indian Reservation and brought home way more than her family could eat. It’s funny how we view distances around here. Your best friend, someone you expect to see at least twice a week, could live 35 miles away. Those miles constitute “dropping by” as long as you stay out in the country. But ask me to drive an extra 15 miles into the city and it’s a BigDeal. Something to be planned, coordinated with spouse in case he has any shopping to do too, and more often than not, abandoned altogether.

And here it is Monday again. sheesh. why don’t we have 5 day weekends and 2 day work weeks? Mama - if you are reading this - here is a gigantic hug. I’m proud as I can be of you.

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