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Thursday, April 03, 2003  

Rats. still no pictures and no word from the help desk.

eh. Computers.

How fortunate for me that nothing can bring me down today - even a visit to the dentist - because we got a phone call from PerfectAngelBabyDarlingOnlySon last night - our sailor boy - who is fine and happy and healthy and may even be coming home soon. It's been a long time since we'd heard from him and the past week it's been hard for me to be patient (read stoic, here). And his voice was strong and glad - and that is enough for any mother to feel like floating. Life is good.

Spinning is good too. I have plied half of the ... no I've actually plied almost all the Wensleydale. It will probably spin up to 300 yards - and I am guessing that won't be enough to make anything. I had envisioned a lacy shawl first and I thought I had bought 8 ounces, but maybe I only bought 4. I long ago tore off the part of the tag that had the weight on it, to give the supplier's name and address to someone. So unless I use the kitchen scale I don't really know how much I have.

Ha! what's good about all this?

Well, the yarn is beautiful. It's dyed in a color called High Tide. I have a gut feeling I could find this color again. It just looks like a readily found commercial blending job. It is mostly a deep deep royal ...or medium value navy blue with yellow and warm red fibers carded in. It's very very pretty and also shiny, as is the nature of Wensleydale. Spun into singles the blended colors seemed to disappear and when I knit up a little of the singles the yarn developed a grayish cast. Not surprising, since Wensleydale produces a halo not unlike mohair. I love the blue, I am not really interested in the gray. But once the yarn was plied those reds and yellows sort of popped out. I've a 120 yard skein of it fluttering from the wild cherry tree outside and another slightly longer ammount on the bobbin ready to skein and wash and hang up. So, say I have 250 yards. Knit on something between size 11-15 needles I ought to get 3 stitches to the inch. Might go for 2.5 if I can find a really cobwebby pattern. I think the yarn would be too bulky for a scarf. hmmmm.

Ah then - I will just have to knit a bit and let the yarn tell me what it wants to be. Just think - off to commune with a ball of handspun wool - who could ask for more?

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