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Thursday, April 24, 2003  

My sleep cycle is off. No matter what time I doze off, after 5.5 hours my eyes pop open - usually the result of some vivid dream - and I either get up and drag through the day or get up and go back to sleep a couple of hours later. I hate this - and think it is partly because so much is looming - good stuff - even fantastic stuff - but lots of it - and partly because I am probably not drinking enough water.

Still haven’t touched fiber except to move HeyBaby back into her corner since I’m going to be gone for 2 days. Heading off to Graves Mt. Lodge for a work related meeting. For sure, all I’ll be thinking of is the Knitters Review Retreat - both last year’s and the one coming up. Fortunately I only have to drive part of the way so I can knit on Sigvaldi for several hours. Let us see if I come back tomorrow ready to cut those steeks.

This is what Blogger has to say about my missing archives:

Status Note: Your issue has been linked with a known bug or item in the big Blogger "to-do list." Your issue will be updated, and you will be notified, when this dependency is updated. To see details on this item, click the link above.

and the link above says this:

Blogger Pro
Archive Issues
Created by Joel Slovacek, 3-10 03:43 PM. Last updated: 3-14 05:22 PM
Unusual problems have arisen with some users Archive pages. This includes archive pages not appearing in the archive list, incorrect dates in the lists and dates listed multiple times. This To-Do is created to track Archiving issues and to find similarities between the problems.

Status: Planned Priority: 2

Well, that's about the time my archives dissappeared. wish it were a Priority: 1 *sigh*

I have decided to send in only the Wensleydale yarn I spun this winter to the Md. Sheep & Wool competition. Of all the work I’ve done this winter, it is the best. I’d send in Flidais except she has a darn in one sleeve. I don’t mind the darn. In fact, for some perverse reason, I rather like the darn. But I think it’s stupid to put a darned sweater in a show. I suppose it could go in a show of mending techniques, but then, I didn’t do that good a job on it. The mend doesn’t show because the yarn hides it, not because it is flawless. I will be going to the show on Saturday but I can’t get back there to pick up my entry on Sunday. Fortunately, LadyLissatheLovely promised to pick up my entry on Sunday and ship it home to me. Md. S&W will accept entries mailed in, but won’t mail them back - even if you provide all shipping. I guess it’s just too big a shipping project for them. Well - next year I will just make plans to stay the whole time, including pre-weekend workshops.

Lily of the Valley is blooming in the garden. It is supposed to spread, even in shade, but mine has been taking its own sweet time. My mother, who, among many talents, of which I was inordinately proud, knew the words to a thousand songs, used to sing one about the Lily of the Valley. In doing a search on it I’m finding lots of entries, but so far, no music file or copy of the melody - only the words.

White Coral Bells
White coral bells upon a slender stalk
Lily of the valley deck my garden walk
Oh, don't you wish that you could hear them ring
That will only happen when the fairies sing

But here is a site that adds guitar chords for accompaniment. And evidently this song is pretty well known. I was never a girl scout so I never heard anybody but Mama sing it.

BD and I just finished reading Noah's Flood: The New Scientific Discoveries About the Event That Changed History by Walter Pitman to each other. Like many books today, dare I say - most? it was rather poorly edited, especially the last 2 chapters. But it is a grand tale of adventure, discovery and ancient history.

Off to pack now. Be back tomorrow evening.

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