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Tuesday, April 29, 2003  

May Tour Is Up

And if you are looking early in the morning on the east coast well...I'll fix the link on that last photo later this morning. I hope the spelling isn't too atrocious. I'll fix that later, too. Forgive me, as well, if there are just way too many of the same shot. BigDarling used to ask me why I took so many pictures of the same thing. Of course, real gardeners know I do not photograph the same thing - each year is different - each view and angle is different - for mother nature here.

I had thought I'd be photographing the garden's progress this year, but it seems I am not. Ahh well - you just never know what a garden will do - I had thought it would be completely torn up, to be rebuilt and repaired, but everything is so lush and green and pretty I have had a hard time taking shovel to earth. It is more fun to just sit out there and knit.

And speaking of knitting - an
goes to Larry of KnitDad - for inspiring me to take up socks again. I have so enjoyed his sock progress, and his enthusiasm. I have always got socks around somewhere, in some state of growth, but lately I have been knitting two socks on two circulars. and I have not been having fun. I suddenly realized that on Sunday. Yes, you get both socks done at the same time, warding off the DreadedSingleSockSyndrome but by golly it takes so darn long to get to being done with either of them! The time it takes to remember where to leave the yarn as you finish one side of one sock, and go to the next one, which of course I usually do wrong anyway. And w hen I do it tangles the balls up so, I don't want to knit on them at all. On Sunday I picked up a ball of Regia (not the self-striping yarn, but a pretty bright variegated colorway) and zipped all the way down to the ankle on just one single lone sock. Okay - it's just 1.5 inches of rib and the rest stockinette stitch, but what a sweet little knitting project.

I hereby release myself from the bondage of trying to be efficient. From this day onward, I permit myself to knit only single socks if that is what the heck I want to do.

And whatever am I doing up at this ungodly hour? I haven't a clue. Think I'll go back to bed.

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