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Sunday, April 20, 2003  

Happy Easter to those who celebrate and a glorious Sunday to you all.

The Grand Announcement

I changed the drive band on HeyBaby

This only matters if you like to observe the timid efforts of the ridiculous. All others had as well ignore it.

Other bits of news for the curious:
The ankle is better.
The last bed in the garden is raked, though there are still so many honeysuckle vines crossing it I can’t put down mulch.
I still can’t figure out what I want to spin next.

Happily I was able to get a little knitting done on Sigvaldi. I’m working on the next to last row of the second yoke chart and looking forward to the next decrease row. That may bring the number of stitches down to something that fits on a 24” needle. Those first rounds of the shoulder/sleeve combination are always so interminably long! The pattern is easy to read straight from your knitting - a series of diamonds. I took my knitting out to the garden and enjoyed the sigh of late afternoon shadows teasing the leafy green of April’s foliage.

And speaking of garden - I truly do have a May tour halfway built. The tours are on separate blogs and the making of that blog seemed to scramble everything else to do with LikeTheQueen. I’ve never gotten my archives right since then - in fact they seem to have been consigned to some gulag prison, for nobody at blogger will answer my question; “where are my archives?!”. Even now, none of the rose photos show up, though all the early iris and peony shots are visible. Ahh well. It will be done when it is done, and surely not before.

We watched a movie last night so absurd and awful that I actually sat through the whole thing, accompanying the dialogue (?!?) with the refrain “I can’t believe I am watching this!”

I never have any trouble walking out of a the room when a video player is running something that I find stupid, a waste of time, insulting, dishonest, or when it is about characters with whom I have no interest, or for whom I have no respect. That takes care of about 90% of all movies. BigDarling, otoh, watches anything once it has actually come on. I believe he has only turned off movies that combine children and swearing. In part I was lured into staying because one of the supporting actors was William Conrad, who played Matt Dillon on the radio and a detective on a 1970’s show called Cannon, back before the television died. But as the movie continued I couldn’t figure out who was the audience for whom this was intended! I truly believe there have never been people that stupid walking the earth.

I will leave you in suspense no longer. It was “the Conqueror” staring John Wayne as Gengas Khan. I need say no more.

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