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Sunday, April 27, 2003  

The go-go-go pace of the past week has left me today feeling very soft and quiet and dull. I achieved all my aims yesterday on the Blitzkrieg shopping trip, but I spent more $ than I had intended. Eh. win some, lose some.

I bought some bamboo needles on Friday, size 3 circs, to knit some socks. I am not sure I enjoy them. I have both wooden and Bryspon DP's, but I really do prefer the Addi Turbo circulars for pretty much everything. They are so slick. I can knit socks on either type of needle, but I can knit on the circulars for a longer time. For some reason I pivot the DP on a spot on my right ring finger and after a while, that finger grows numb. Not good. For some reason I slide the shaft of a circular up into the crux of my fingers, inside the palm where the first nuckles join fingers to hand. That area is more fleshy, especially when my fingers are curved. I can knit on circulars forever. Well, I was reclining in bed, knitting, so maybe if I were to try sitting up, in a chair, the bamboo needles would work better.

Everything else I might share here is just too nebulous, too insubstantial, too much work for a laaaaaaazy Sunday morning.

And wouldn't you know it - the archives are back, with the exception of the ones from March 13 through 30th. That is, all the posts with photos of Flidais. Harumph!

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