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Tuesday, April 01, 2003  

For the 5th time I tried to knit a lace square in Barbara Walker's afghan book and this time I actually got through one complete repeat of the pattern - only to screw up on the very next row. I'm puzzled why this is so difficult for me. And I'm a little puzzled why I'm knitting this square anyway. I don't like the design. In fact, I don't like most of the lace designs in this book. So why don't I just forget it and knit a different lace square. hmmm. well. maybe I shall.

Mostly I'm still reeling in a sort of sugar/fat hangover, the byproduct of yesterday's birthday feasting. We tend to celebrate via eating in this family anyway. DH is a passionate lover of food and I'm no dilettante myself. At least I can say that I don’t eat KrispyKreme donuts. (bleh) It will be good to go back to work today and eat only nibbly things, and fortunately, I will meet with my sweater knitters tonight so I can skip dinner altogether or eat one of those portion controlled frozen concoctions. And visit the gym, for goodness sake!

HeyBaby is set up in the living room again so I can sit down whenever I amble through and spin a bit.

I see on Fervid that Jahara is having trouble with Blogger too. I can’t post photos of the May garden - they just show up as a box with a red x in it. And I can never remember who to send my questions to - BlogspotPlusor Blogger Pro. anyway I complained a week ago and nada. I’ve always expected things to go wrong on the web before they went right so I tend to put up with a lot of errors and mistakes. But I wonder if there has been some sudden burgeoning of blogs on Blogger that is crashing their servers or if it is something lazier.

Eh. thank goodness I never have such complicated unanswerable problems when I knit.

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