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Wednesday, April 23, 2003  

And so today I haven't got anything to say. absolutely no inspiration. I think I am still wallowing in the nostalgia of Topsy. The events of that story took place the last year PABDOS was in high school and I began a long deep descent into the black slough of despond. He was just about 100% joy to raise. We shared the same sense of humor and laughter is the thread that seams all those years together for me. He had, and still has, the most incredible tolerance for frustration and disappointments. Suddenly denied some promised treat, he’d grow still, absorb the blow, think it through, and then focus on some other happy option. Besides, there is no replacement for someone (tall) who, when you say, “honey, come here and get this down for me”, actually comes and gets it down, instead of saying “In a minute, In a minute”. Empty Nest hit me a little like a neutron bomb. Took me years to recover. So remembering those days sorta makes me weepy. Glad they are over, though in some lemony tart way, I would go back and relive them.

May is looming ahead with an almost scary list of activities, all fun and exciting, chief among them, 3 weeks of vacation. Well - that word vacation seems to have worked its power over my brain because, though I am present at work in body, I am barely there in any other capacity. Nor do I seem inspired to pick up needles or wool. I am mostly skimming through articles in my cache of back issues of SpinOff.

And looking above at the first paragraph I realize I have demonstrated my difficulties with shutting up even when I have nothing to say. Eh. Well. It’s the E in me as an ENFP. Every thing has to be dealt with externally - even ennui!

Okay.. I’ll go do something else. Ciao.

posted by Bess | 6:02 AM