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Saturday, March 01, 2003  

What a wierd day. I've had the blues all afternoon - not deep navy blues, but certainly something darker than cerulian - perhaps a sort of royal blue. My Saturday classes ended today.

What tallented wonderful knitters they all are. My morning class was a make-up class on bead knitting for one girl who had had the flu a couple weeks ago. Everything went well enough except I had made her chart up wrong and we had to redraw it so she could finish up the monogram on the purse flap at home. Somehow I had never gotten around to teaching the purl stitch. There's so much you can make with just the knit stitch, as Sally Melville has so well demonstrated. So the last thing we did was practice purling. No big deal when you are 11.

The afternoon class was even more difficult to say goodbye to. These women are all so bright and dexterous and energetic. One student had knitted the most beautiful garterstitch in the round. They had knit up a sweater body for a 14" doll and fortunately one had knit up the sleeves. I had made 2 more pair of sleeves so everybody could attach the sleeves and see how yoke neck decreases worked. Then we went over the EPS formula for adult sweaters. I demonstrated short rows but now I think of it I wish I had actually made them put a short row in the sweater. ahh well. my next class I'll do better.

The real challenge for me is translating what I know into clear, concise language. I try hard to never touch students work beyond looking at a trouble spot and then handing it back to them to fix. I fail at that sometimes but each class I get better at it.

But now I have that "the guests have gone home" feeling. Now, mind you, I have


of yard work to do - 2 years of neglect, a once-in-a-century drought to recover from, and a complete redesign of the old beds. But I just didn't feel ready to say goodbye. That hollow feeling still lingers. Probably because I now have no excuses for ducking Goldie the tyrannical UFO) unless I decide to clean the house or something.


Ahh well



I'll think about it tomorrow.

At Tara.

But a couple of things besides knitting and general enui are still there in the brain and one of them is soundtracks. Movie soundtracks. I've been watching Band of Brothers and getting mighty weepy about my own WWII era dad and I think one of the most powerful things in that series was the music. It's been haunting me for 2 weeks now. Another really fine soundtrack is BBC's Pride and Prejudice. Each character had a theme - a little phrase - well suited to his personality. I'm too old, and too classically trained in music, to really enjoy heavy digital soundtracks, but these two stand out as almost worthy of independent purchases.

And now let us knit on.

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