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Monday, March 31, 2003  

Well. Humph. I don't have any idea where the archives from March 10 through 23 are. And so that just may mean the photos of Flidais will dissappear from view (though not from the blog. go figure).

And we had SNOW!! yesterday. It didn't stick, but it fell. In fact, something wet fell all day so it was an indoor day. I have a bobbin full of spun Wensleydale which I worked up last January. On the wheel is another bobbin, mostly full of the stuff. This yarn is intended to be a shawl - let us see if I get there - and I want it done before the month is over - spun and knit. So I thought I'd try knitting it up as a single just to see what it looks like. Well. Veeee-ry intair-esting.

I tried first with a size 8 needle and then switched to a 10. Used a very open lace pattern. My main concern was torque. I don't want the shawl to twist once it's knit. And I think the singles are probably a little over spun to knit as a single. Back in January when I began spinning this, I made a 2-ply control yarn that I really like. To get the look i wanted, I had to put a good bit of twist in this long staple yarn. It doesn't really require a lot of twist - you could spin it soft because it is so very long and with almost no crimp. I've heard Wensleydale called the poor man's mohair. I'm sure that is an old designation, though it does resemble mohair a lot. I have also seen Wensleydale yarn listed as a rare breed in Interweave Press' book Handspun Treasures from Rare Wools. (scroll down the page a bit-it's on the right, near the bottom) Anyway, this wool does produce enough halo that you can knit it very loosely on quite big needles and still have a beautiful fabric. It cries out to be lacy.

So - I thought I'd try just knitting a little of the single and see what I got. Well - I was sort of hoping I would get something that twisted so I would know I had to go finish that second bobbin and ply the stuff. Instead, it seems to be staying nice and flat. But what I don't like is that the color - a shiny navy blue with some bright colors blended in, seems dull. The 2-ply control sample also looks shinier than the single so I think it needs that tighter twist to get the sheen. sigh. so I am spinning up the second bobbin.

This is not so much a plaint about having to spin more than I want to. I love spinning. It is more that I am afraid the second bobbin full, spun 2 months after the first, won't be a good match. Although I've been measuring the single and am getting pretty much the same WPI, I just feel like this bobbin has a different yarn on it from the first. I'm just not experienced enough to tell if I'm doing the same thing on the second bobbin. Ahh well. There you have it. It is, after all, handspun. I should celebrate the differences, right?

BTW, Interweave Press is having a clearance sale of slightly damaged items. Don't know how much is left, but worth a look.

Today is the Lord's birthay and everything will be done to celerate him. No idea what we're going to do, so it will be a bit of a surprise for me too. I love birthdays!

posted by Bess | 7:14 AM