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Wednesday, March 26, 2003  

Took Flidais to work with me yesterday and showed her off. I had two precious knitterly friends who I knew would want to see her - as well as co-workers who have had to listen to me yammer about my struggles - and a couple of other creative artistic friends who happened to wander in. In all her glory she glittered and glowed and preened for everybody. The big joke for me is, of course, how proud I am of the shoulders and yet - how nobody even looks at them (except the two knitterly friends) and instead how everybody's eyes are drawn to that Hollow Oak cable. Well, so was I. It is really a stunning pattern. It doesn't surprise me that people can't stop staring at it. But those who've followed my quest know that the true miracle is figuring out the engineering of those shoulders.

In fact - my final goal with this sweater is to find a way to express in plain English - to others - just exactly how I did this. I know I can do it again, I completely understand what I did at some elemental cellular level, but I can’t put it into clear concise straightforward comprehensible language. When I can do that I will have fulfilled all desires this sweater engendered in me.

I haven't started anything new yet - still sort of in a daze. I also haven't worn her yet. It's turned warm, of course, but I think there is something so new about her that I am not really tempted to put her on. It got me to thinking how long it takes others to wear something new. Back when I sewed all my own clothes I often wore things I made before they were even finished. Lord knows how many skirts I wore to work held closed at the waistband with a safety pin. But frequently I will leave a knitted thing on display for a week or two before I can wear it. There is a combination of awe and shyness that I feel with newly knitted things. Perhaps I felt that way with my sewing but there have just been so many hundreds of sewn garments since I felt that way I don't remember.

Well - next week it's calling for 50's and rain and I may wear her then...though she is a very autumnal colored thing and after all, next week will be April!!


They are so precious. They are also such unique identifiers. Once when I was leafing through a book of knitting tricks, a compilation of articles from Threads Magazine, I stumbled upon a photograph of knitting hands. "These look like Meg Swansen's hands" I thought - and then checked the author of the article - it was she - knitting her i-cord gloves. And while digging around in the photo bin I came across this shot of Souvenir de Malmaison, with my beloved niece, Rachel, reaching out towards it. I would recognize those hands anywhere. What a beautiful identifier. I’ll move this on over to the May garden page when I have it ready to post but I am feeling a little rose-and-Rachel-starved these days so I’ll just share it here for now.

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