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Sunday, March 30, 2003  

Thank you all for the lovely compliments on Flidais. It looks like the weather will cooperate and I'll get to wear her tomorrow. 48 - yep yep that's still sweater weather. She's not terribly hot either - a washable wool in dk weight would about describe her.

I'm not inspired, yet, though, to knit anything new. This doesn't mean I am not knitting - I still have socks on needles and Sigvaldi too. That class meets on Tuesday so I hope we'll be joining sleeves to body and start knitting the yoke. I've gotten my hands on Jean Frost's book of jacket patterns. It's very very lovely. I'm glad XRX made a book out of her designs. Her workshop on knitting jackets has been offered at various Stitches events and it's always been one of my top picks in my imaginary schedule. I am sure one of these days I'll have the $ to actually attend a Stitches, but who knows if she'll be teaching that class.

Here is an interesting thing about those designs. They are all (or at least mostly) knit flat, with sewn in sleeves and tailoring details. Now - I prefer to knit in the round and I even think a number of these designs can be done in the round - but for some reason I can imagine myself knitting these flat. why is this? What prejudice do I have that allows me to consider knitting flat pieces (back and forth back and forth ) when I would never be tempted to knit a sweater flat. What is in the word Sweater that makes me insist upon circular construction. what is in the word Jacket that has me willing to do flat knitting? Is it my sewing background? Is it because the jackets are knit up in textured stitches so that both front and back are equally complicated? hmm.

Anyway - the question is moot - I probably won't be knitting any other sweaters till it gets cool again in the fall. And right now I'm still in the winddown period after figuring out circular set in sleeves.

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