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Wednesday, March 12, 2003  

Sigh. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get this gold sweater finished. I ripped out the left front shoulder and the back till I could pick up the stitches and the wraps in the back correctly. Then I added another row of short rows to bring the back up to the same height as the front. (5 pair, 10 rows in all) Then did the front left shoulder and the 3-needle bind-off and began knitting across the back to the right shoulder to do same. Well. It's nice. It works perfectly in theory BUT

I began my short rows 4 stitches in from the edge of each shoulder, front and back. And it looks ... not quite awful, but amateurish. There is a sudden hump up where the short rows begin. For goodness sake! This sweater is being knit at a 5.5 st. to the inch gauge so it shouldn’t be that obvious. And perhaps it will block out or disappear once the area is filled with shoulders - but it looks homemade, rather than handmade. I’m just so frustrated because I think I should rip and begin those short rows on the second stitch at the beginning of each shoulder to eliminate that hump. I just don’t want to knit that shoulder area again. I’m afraid the yarn will begin to wear out. (not really)


I took the sweater to our Tuesday Night Knitters group last night and nobody seemed to think it was all that bad but they are very kind people. Oddly enough, another of the group has been struggling with BadKnittersSyndrome - just knitting things wrong and having to rip and rip and rip. Of course, we are all the type who tend to pick up needles and yarn and start knitting and only then deciding what we want to do.

Another boohoo was getting hold of a copy of Jacqueline Fee's The Sweater Workshop. Rats. It’s great book on how to knit, how to knit sweater, and how to vary the sweater you are knitting - just so long as you’re knitting a &*%$#^% raglan sweater. Now, when a lady with very square shoulders and hefty front and more than 10% overweight puts on a raglan sweater, just you imagine putting a raglan sweater on Humpty Dumpty. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t make her look good.


I’ve added a link on the right to a tour of my garden in April. I hope you enjoy it. I have 2 more series of garden tour links to put up and I think, to be honest about things, I will also keep a record of my progress in rebuilding it. I’ve neglected it for 2 years due to a sojourn in the Slough of Despond , some ill health, and the mother of all droughts. I am up on the plateau of happiness these days, in good health and we’ve had lots and lots of rain this winter, so I am ready to make amends. Besides, for the past couple of years I’ve wanted to replant things - dump some weaklings and create something new. Just think - now I can build a dyer’s garden!

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