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Sunday, March 23, 2003  

The shoulders are done. The neck band is done. One underarm seam is knitchered together. I’ve tried it on and it fits - and looks good! This is looking more and more like a finished sweater. So at the risk of jinxing things I have selected a name. She shall be called Flidais after the Irish goddess of forests, wild creatures. A shapeshifting goddess who rode in a deer-drawn chariot. She ceratinly has shifted shapes enough as I’ve worked on her. Besides, my Grandmother was Irish. I’m not sure how to pronounce her name- these celtic pronunciations are always such a surprise to my latin trained ear, but I don’t plan to actually speak the word that often, anyway. But if anybody out there knows how to pronounce this word, do do please share.

There is still a good bit of applied i-cord to do as well as another underarm seam to kitchner stitch together. Now - I must rant a bit about the K-stitch. It is a miracle of engineering. It is beautiful. It is subtle. and it is the gosh darn hardest thing I ever have to do in knitting. Why, I don’t know, but I can get off on that thing even as I am looking at what I’m doing and counting along whispering “Slip as if to knit, purl, slip as if to purl, knit.” I can hear Meg Swansen chanting behind my ear and I can still screw up - before my very eyes!

And I screwed up a bit on it last night but the error doesn’t show till you get to the last bit and it’s in the back and anybody who is close enough to me to see that error had better be a lover.

There are lots of ends to weave in too, but that is my third favorite part of knitting. Second most favorite is the blocking - both because the thing is done and because I love the sensation of sculpting wool that blocking gives me. I completely soak my knits, run them through the spin cycle of my washer and then lay them out flat to dry. In this springlike weather Flidais ought to dry quickly. Prime favorite is of course, casting on. What else, for a NewBeginningsENFP sorta girl? So really, there is nothing but fun left to do.

And by gum - I will find a digital camera and photograph this baby because you all deserve to see her.

posted by Bess | 6:41 AM