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Thursday, March 06, 2003  

Long meander - knitting stuff at the end

The Three Knitting Librarians

Running through my head is the tune to Three Little Maids from the Mikado but on the FiberArtsRing, just by clicking "next", you will find my blog, Jahara's Fervid and Alexandra's Moralfiber and while J is not a librarian (yet) she is in education. She has a great post about this need teach - to lay out new ideas - to connect. If this need runs through your being it will be the prime motivator no matter what profession you find yourself in - and it will run all through your life, not just your work life. Talking to your son? it'll be a "learning experience". Buying yarn - look out anybody who is standing next to you - they are likely to hear all about why you are buying the Noro and not the Rowan Kidsilk. For there will be reasons, based on information you really need to share.

A mighty big thanks to Jahara, though, because her Tuesday post, along with A's comments, helped me distill some jumbled thoughts that have been screaming for expression. It has to do with the season of Lent. About why I love this Christian period of repose. Those who know and love me are aware that I am “on the Quest” - an expression I like to use because it makes me feel good - to describe the only real reason I think I exist at all - which is to work on my spiritual development. (god that sounds so trendy - language is sometimes so inadequate.) I’ve developed my own approach to handling Quest activities which constitutes my religion now, although I was brought up in a lapsed Catholic family and went to parochial girl’s high school. I had the label but none of the secret passwords to be called a real Catholic, and I went to high school with a lot of trepidation and nervousness. What if they knew I’d never read the bible? What if they knew I’d never heard of the Stations of the Cross. But I’d long ago learned that if you kept your mouth shut most people wouldn’t ask so I just watched and learned - and then, since I can’t keep my mouth shut, I joined in to the rituals with fascinated enthusiasm.

Of course, I didn’t know then how wonderful NewBeginnings were and what joy they were going to bring me in later life. After all, when you are 14 everything is a new beginning - and anyway, mostly all you want to know is if he’ll ask you to the ring dance.

And if you’re going to do a NewBeginnings thing you have to prepare yourself, right? Clean off space on your desk, clean out your closet, clear off the counters.... and just when the grime of winter is really getting you down, just when you are heartily sick of the dirt of the wood stove, the muddy paws on your dogs - and menfolk, just as the light begins to change as the sun’s angle tilts towards your face - there is Lent. Before real springtime comes, we get Lent, that invites you to clean out your soul. What a fantastic opportunity to start over again. Like New Year’s resolutions, or September’s new school supplies - here is this wonderful chance to StartAgain!

So I’ve been wondering what little cleansing ritual I want to add to my life for the next 40 days. Usually I focus on something in the food and beverage line, because by March all the comfort food of winter has expanded me beyond my warm weather clothes. Last year I stopped drinking carbonated drinks. I knew I drank too many so it would be a healthy thing to do, but I also knew I was emotionally tied to them so that each time I had to stop myself from buying a diet Pepsi I’d have to think a bit about why I was doing this. The trouble was - I got to obsessing about the darn things and feeling cranky - when the idea was to release my dependency and feel free and light.

And here Ash Wednesday caught me with nothing decided upon. I hear the drumbeat of springtime pounding away, telling me it’s on the way. Got to prepare myself. but I feel adrift with no decision made about the process. I can always give up the soda’s again ‘cause you can be sure I bought a 6 pack the Saturday before Easter last year. It would be good for my body, for sure. But will it focus the soul?

Several people have told me that they add something to their lives instead of taking something away. S says she writes a letter to someone every day during this season. N says she calls a friend each day. K says she takes a Lenten walk every day. I like that idea of adding something generous to my life, but I don’t want to bypass the concept of sacrifice. I had hoped that by writing all this down I would see some choice rise to the surface, but alas, it hasn’t. So - in light of nothing else, I shall subtract the diet Pepsies and if I can think of something more soul nourishing I can add that as well.

the knitting stuff

I still haven’t straightened all the kinks in the Golden Challenge. I’ve been knitting on the back and find that I must leave one un-eaten stitch at the back of the left sleeve cap so that when I’m finished with the short rows and am knitting back I will do the final decrease on the left back and then knit around to the left front to do the decreases and short rows. BUT in order to knit back along the short rows, picking up the wraps, I have to turn on my last purl row, leaving those wraps by the right back shoulder un-picked-up (abandoned? still in place? gad where is my thesaurus?)

I really can conceive what I want to do with this sweater but the exact sequence keeps revealing itself in new directions as I knit on it. what I believe I will do is:

· Finish up the last purl wrap of the last short row on the back (the wraps on the right back shoulder)
· Turn and knit back, picking up all the wraps behind the left shoulder and eating up that last sleeve cap stitch
· Knit onto the left front, eating up one of the 3 remaining sleeve stitches and on across to the front neck opening
· Purl back, decreasing one front neck stitch and knitting one of the 2 remaining sleeve stitches
· Knit, again eating up that next to last sleeve stitch
· Purl decreasing the center front neck and starting my short rows
· Do the short rows needed and decreasing the center front till I have 25 stitches on the left front
· Work as many more rows as needed to match the right front
· Purl on back across the left front and when I get to that last sleeve stitch, eat it up

I will now have the front and back left shoulders on different needles and I can do the 3-needle bind-off

When that is done I should be at the neckline and can purl across the back picking up the wraps that are on the right back shoulder. When I get to the middle of the sleeve cap do the same bind-off

I’m at the neck.

I can pick up stitches and make decreases across the back to suit the # of stitches needed in the collar and then I ought to be done with this baby.


I hope I can find that last ball of yarn to complete the i-cord trim. I know I have one, but I can’t remember where I put it.


I had thought I’d wax poetic about nature this morning but already this post has grown too long. Suffice it to say I went into the garden yesterday with the rake. I will have to hire my young boys soon, for there is more work than I will ever get done. But I was thrilled to see that Daphne Odora has survived last summer’s catastrophic drought and is sprinkled with tight buds. Any day now they will open and the world will be transformed with her perfume. what a promise fulfilled.

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