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Friday, March 21, 2003  

I’m over my funk for now. Funny I’ve always described myself as a cheerful happy person but I’ve certainly identified enough down times for me this winter. ‘specially strange considering I think this has been a particularly fun winter. Does this mean I think being depressed is fun? or have there just been a couple of outside events that made me sway when they hit. Yeah - that sounds good. I’ll go with that.

Bess tries once again.

I’ve been working on my gold sweater. (Her again?!?) She’s knitting up much faster this time because I know what I’m going to do. Like driving down a road for the second time - it’s always shorter. I am also wondering what to call this sweater - when it is done and I’m no longer grumbling about it. Nefertiti is nice since it means “The Beautiful One is Come” which certainly displays a lot of hubris on my part - though I do think this is a beautiful sweater. But the Hollow Oak cable seems like it ought to be part of a sweater with a druidic name. I’m not too up on my druid mythology, so the only druid priestess I know is Norma and I don’t like that name for this sweater. Besides, she jumps into a fire and burns to death in the end and I’ve worked too hard on this sweater to even joke about that.

Anyway I’ve also been swatching the neckline and I believe I’ve settled on an 11 stitch pattern for the standup collar. I’ve taken the bobbles from the Hollow Oak pattern, which use 5 stitches, and added a 6 stitch ground to separate them - P2, K2 twisted, P2. I’ll twist the two knit stitches every other round. I swatched twisting them every 4th round too, and it’s nice but every-other is prettier. The swatch is only about 1+1/2 inches high - little narrow for a collar band but I’ll add a couple of rows of plain knitting before starting the pattern so I can apply i-cord around the base of the neckline and I’ll also put on an attached i-cord on the top edge. This all mimics the hem and cuffs of the sweater in a way that pleases me deeply.

Can it be? Is the end nigh? We’ll have to see.

Jen has a great piece on creativity today. She points out how creative all of us are - all the time - that you can’t live without being creative - for that is man’s definition - each meal cooked, each job done involves creativity. Her words echo a conversation I experience time and again. A person will sigh and say “I wish I could draw. I can’t even make a straight line.” And I want to hug her (and do, if I know her well enough) and then ask if she can write in script (cursive). She always says yes and I then ask “what is more elaborate than handwriting? Think of the lower case “K”. Could anything be more graceful and artistic than that? It’s just that you’ve written for years. When you were little grownups made you practice. It’s just that nobody made you practice drawing.”

Sometimes people are surprised and then rather delighted. And sometimes people would rather cling to their definition of themselves as inartistic slobs. It’s just a choice.

And a gigantic Hug goes out to Jahara - ‘cause I sure was blue and your words really did make me smile. Thank you, sugar.

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