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Wednesday, March 19, 2003  

I woke this morning wondering what I would have to say here. My students are still working on their sleeves so class was a little slow - I haven't knitted anything since last week - the full moon is in Mercury - eh - nothing to say. Instead my digital knitting community has provided all sorts of interesting topics guaranteed to set the curiosity ball rolling.

Dangerous Chunky is folding but in one of her last posts she asked “what’s it all about anyway? Me Me Me”
Clara asks “Is the bloom off the blog?”
Jahara asks “what will I find when I walk into the knitting guild meeting for the first time? What am I looking for anyway?”
Knitters Review posters remind me that when knitting flags there is always spinning! How do you survive the creative blahs? besides eating.

Lawzee, I don’t know where to start.

Yes I do.

DC. and What’s it all about? ‘cause I’ve sometimes wondered if I’d ever confess why I even started a blog (and then I’ll also have to go into a long yammer about something completely non-knitting). It’s not really important why I started it and if I confess, then I have to fulfill the original urge, which may not be anything I want anyway. Gad I’m making such a mystery about this.

Okay okay. Couple o’ background things. I really do have a hard time not talking. In hostile territory I can be mute, but lift the tension and I will jabber forever. I like to think I am interesting. I suspect I live among extremely kind and innately courteous people. Only once in a while do I remember knowing I was being a conversation hog. Couldn’t stop myself, but at least I realized it and that woman moved away anyway so I don’t get reminded of that too often. Still remember, though.

I post a lot on Knitters Review. I’m a member of the Clara Parks Fan Club. I even sorta blogged over there last spring when I knitted up my swatches for the Knitting Guild of America master class. It was fun, and it kept me on task too (me me me). In fact, it was the “going public” the “telling people I was going to do something” ... there you have it - it was that external structure I clung to while my ENFP brain tried to wander off to greener grass - or browner grass - or really no grass at all, just something different. It’s just so easy for me to begin things and so difficult for me to complete them.

Well - it was also pretty hoggy on the KR forums. Might have been interesting too, but hoggy. And I was starting up these knitting classes. I wanted to write about the experience of teaching - but I wanted to write a lot. And then, I’d been looking at some blogs and thinking how interesting they are. And then, perhaps there’s a little Sam Pepys in us all - you know....the sort of Diary as Literature syndrome. Lotsa ego here. But good natured, and now and then worth reading. Be kinda fun to have everybody (or nobody, as it may be) listening to memememe. It’s fun to have a soapbox.

But what pushed me into actually creating a blog was that I want to lose some weight and get back onto my fitness routine - the one I tumbled from back in 2001. So I thought - “you know, Bess, if you create a blog and then post regularly about your progress maybe you’ll stick to it this time.” Sort of a virtual weight watchers kinda thing. and o’course, I very quickly realized how unutterably boring it would be to read about and also ... probably give the wrong picture of what I really think is important. And besides the blog ended up being a gush about my real loves. And I ended up sticking to my healthy regimen anyway. And someone who is not my dear, but seriously near-sighted husband, commented on my nice figure.

So there you have it - my shameful secret motive. Just like I learned how to read when I was 8 because I wasn’t about to let Debbie Singleton sit next to Reggie Kirkpactrick in the BlueBirdReadingGroup while I had to go sulk with the Buzzards - then found out I not only could read but loved it - it turns out the FitnessPolice I thought I wanted was unnecessary and the creativity soapbox is a delight.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a cousin one year. In response to a January “how have you been?” she said she’d been terribly busy. “why?” ahh seems she’d been given a diary for Christmas and now she had to fill up her days in order to have something to write in it. I’m southern too, so I didn’t say “god, that’s creepy” but I did say that I was more likely to write about how I felt and what I thought in a diary. Takes all kinds.

‘Course, this means it’s still probably about mememememememe but hey - nobody’s got to read it, right?

My students are still working on sleeves. One had a terrible arthritis flare-up and I had to restrain myself from offering to knit her sleeves for her. The other had had kids home on spring break. Last night should have been the last class, but not only do I enjoy a fairly regular gathering of even 2 knitters but also, I think, with warm weather coming, we’ll all need structure to finish these sweaters. So we’ll check next Monday and see if sleeves are done and if so we’ll meet next Tuesday night and begin our yokes.

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