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Saturday, March 22, 2003  

I spent all of yesterday clearing off my desk at work. Filled the entire trash can and left what are merely identifiable piles of WorkToDo instead of MysteryHeaps. For decades I shared an office (HA! cubbyhole) with everybody else and when we moved into the new building I had 3 sets of file drawers and a desk with its own little compartments and hidyholes. Only, I don’t know how to use them, so there are heaps on the surfaces of everything and 2 empty drawers.

Mind you now, I know the theory of TouchThePaperOnlyOnce, but I’ve never been able to put it into practice. Anybody who’s knitting projects, wool, yarn and spinning wheel talk to her is going to have deeply personal, if, at times, completely worthless, relationships with all her stuff, not just the worthy. Even when she knows that, if she throws it away and it’s important, someone will complain and she can ask them to send her a copy. (and Bess slides into thinking of herself in the third person)

Lord so this is how the mind works - I go from that aside to thinking about puppets as alternate selves and the whole issue of placing self out for public comment and presenting aspects of self to the world and that segues neatly into a question being discussed on Clara’s Window about the blog’s fading bloom. Prompted of course, by the demise of dangerous chunky. Well. Hmmm. Okay.

I came late to blogs, both reading them and creating one. There is a finite amount of time I can spend reading them. I am in awe of those who create the elaborate ones with impressive graphics but often they are too busy for my eyes. I can get easily overwhelmed with looking. Also, my home computer is ancient, so the beautiful graphics are lost on me till I can go somewhere with good equipment. Yet I know there has to be more than text to hold even my distractible attention. A little color goes a long way in a black and white world. I’m inclined to go regularly to the ones that feel like their authors have become friends. Like Christmas letters (which I love) these blogs spit out the right balance of personal, philosophical and topical info to bring me back again and again.

My own experience as a blogstress is certainly enjoyable now, but mine is only a few weeks old. And yes - it is weird, creating a sort of word puppet sitting on my lap, telling you what I think, but filtered through this digital and mechanical medium. I’ve spent years as a performing musician and know the separation and intimacy of the performer/audience relationship. Blogs are like that. I know I have an audience because I get feedback. and I am certainly sharing myself through the medium of words. But there is this separation too. I’m here in the darkness of a wee dawn morning in spring. We may never meet face to face.

I also put in a fairly substantial amount of time working on this blog. I think it’s human nature to want what we invest our time in to last. It’s why most people hate housework - because it demands prodigious amounts of time and creates the most ephemeral results. So - does that mean I have to keep up this thing even when I grow tired of it? the same way I have to clean the house when I know it won’t stay clean? well. of course it doesn’t. This is a hobby. It’s for my enjoyment first. I hope it is interesting to others. I’m glad for the interesting blogs out there created by others. I will bid each favorite blog farewell when its author has had enough.

But are blogs growing passé? Does it matter? Not much in the webworld lasts very long. Blogs are a little like annuals in the garden; quick to come up, generous in their blossoms, but gone with the first frost. Now, perennials are extremely popular and even I will admit they form the backbone of an easy to maintain garden. But thank goodness there are plenty of annuals out there to fill in the gaps when the perennials are dormant.

posted by Bess | 5:31 AM