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Monday, March 24, 2003  

I crept back downstairs this morning, wondering if I had dreamed everything or if Flidais was really finished. Guess what. She is. And she is beautiful. (says proud mama) This sweater was my first all-by-myself-design. I had this huge pile of some discontinued yarn in gold with flecks of red, turquoise, and green bits that just looked like antique gold. When I swatched it I cast on enough to make a hat and then experimented with all sorts of stitches. Cables looked great in this yarn, and a surprise to me was how pretty this slubbed yarn looked in st. st. - usually slubbed yarn looks better on the lumpy side - the reverse - or in seed stitch. This one looked best on the with thick texture, like cables, rising from the surface. I had long ago fallen in love with the hollow oak cable and was thrilled to see the directions in Barbara Walker's second treasure of knitting. I also like to wear cuff bracelets, and I came up with the idea of ending a sweater in a highly textured cuff. Well - there was a design. I began knitting on this baby in late January of 02 while taking care of my parents while Daddy had his knee replaced. I remember knitting on the sleeve while leaning against the wall at a doctor's office and attracting lots of attention.

The sweater zipped along very quickly. I started with the sleeves and was glad to get them done first. The whole thing took, perhaps, 6 weeks to get to the point where I had to figure out the chest and shoulders. All along I knew I wanted set in sleeves and I also didn’t know if I could figure out how to do them. I e-mailed Meg Swansen and got a lovely answer, but it still didn’t quite tell me how to work the very last bit at the top where you have to fit neckline and shoulders. By then I’d started something else that was easy to knit, and then I got sick and then it was hot weather and then I just remembered that I didn’t know how to finish the darn thing and I just ignored the poor baby for .. well - nigh on to a year. and therein was an important lesson for me to remember.


At the very least, I will write a detailed description of where I am, how I got there and where I hope to be going with a project if I’m going to abandon it for a while. Mind, now, I approve of setting things aside, letting them “cook” - but this was more like shoving it to the back of the refrigerator - it was becoming moldy. anyway, the second stage of knitting this baby has all been shared here on the blog so I need not repeat myself.

Flidais is still a little damp. The house is on the cool side because we heat with wood and in the spring sometimes we just let the fires go out and wear sweaters. Especially on sunny days like yesterday where the outside temperature is warmer than the inside. And there is no film in the camera either. I’m debating taking her to work with me, buying some film and photographing her today or waiting till tomorrow when I know she’ll be dry. Either way, photos will be up soon. And in the mean time I’ll post this weekend’s sketches once I get to the scanner.

BTW. I did get preliminary work done on the taxes and balanced the checkbook - (which is mostly empty now) but I didn’t do anything but shop for the garden. Why is that always the easiest part of gardening?

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