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Thursday, March 27, 2003  

For Love of a Swatch

Not much news on the knitting front. I have a small skein of handpainted silk in easter colors (lavender, green and yellow) that I am knitting with. It is the perfect fiber to make an evening purse that I think would go well with dress-up summer clothes. 'course unless someone I know throws a wedding I'm not likely to need an evening bag, but... I can invision this silk used this way and since there is just enough (about 135 yds) to make the purse, I will do so. At first I thought I would make it in plain stockinette stitch but for some reason I began swatching in a wicker stitch from the BW afghan book. Once again I am reminded of the delights and rewards of swatching.

What this particular swatch is teaching me:

1. I love the sensual pleasure of knitting with thick, softly spun silk
2. The size 9 needle is the perfect size for this stitch - but probably too big for stockinette stitch
3. The stitch is textured and the handpaint yarn knitted in this texture stitch looks extremely casual. It would make the perfect summer top. I wish I had spun a lot more of this yarn and when I order handpainted silk roving again, I will be sure I get enough to make a garment with it.
4. I will definitely not get a dressy looking bag with this stitch
5. The sheen of the silk dissappears in textured knitting
6. The handpaint colors look great in this textured stitch
7. I don't want a bag in this stitch but while I've got the yarn on needles I'll experiment with and maybe seed stitch.

That's a lot to learn from 30 minutes of knitting. You just never know what you'll get when you put yarn on needles. viva la swatch!

I'm slowly but surely getting the May garden tour built. Probably post next week.

I'm interestingly watching the furor over the Charlotte Observer oped - not quite interested enough to actually read the thing, mind you. As I commented on Fervid, I subscribe to the Zaphod Beeblebrox philosophy, expressed so well when he exited the Total PerspectiveVortex Machine - "Just what I thought. I'm a pretty neat guy." I don't really care what somebody else has to say about what I do - so long as nobody tries to stop me doing what I want.

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