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Sunday, March 09, 2003  

The decision has been made. I am going to rip back the left shoulder and probably all the short rows on the back, since I've lost the wraps on the side where I picked them up, and knit the back shoulder area with 2 more pair (that's 4 rows) of short rows. Not too much to do and I think I'll like the fit of the upper arms better this way, without causing the front to droop. It will be, after all, not much more than 1/2 an inch difference.

Of course, I plan to do this knitting later, after I work in the garden and after all the laundry's done and lord knows what else I tell myself I can stuff into a single day. Eh - life is good when you have options, says the ENFP.

And tomorrow I am going to play hookey from work and go to a Fiber Guild meeting about 50 miles away - but in the country. It's funny how I would not think of joining a guild or group that met in one of the two cities that are 50 miles away, but really feel like driving 50 miles further into the country is just well - next door. It's like weight. I feel like a blimp when I am a certain weight and gaining, and like a sylph when I am the same weight and loosing. Go figure.

And now it's off to join the day.

posted by Bess | 7:33 AM