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Saturday, February 01, 2003  

Whew. A full day of knitting for me. I wondered how I would feel after two 2-hour classes. Well, exhausted and exhilarated. And still interested in knitting.

My second class is just finished. An adult beginner's class
for 3 women. And like the morning kids class they all seemed to click into the knitting groove. In this class we make cap style hat with a turned up brim in K2P2 rib and a stranded color work pattern around the crown. Decreases are only to 49 stitches to make
more of a gathered top with a pompom over the ring. I want them to learn what I think are the 6 essential things in knitting: cast on, bind off, knit, purl, increase and decrease.

With those skills they can pretty much knit anything.

I can’t believe how much fun
teaching is. I am so pumped after my morning class with 2 young girls. A 4th and a 5th grader – so beautiful in the grace of their hands, as they patiently mastered the knit stitch. Beautiful fingers, intent faces - such a gift to be around them. I love to hear them talk. I love to hear them think. And these two have lots of thoughts and ideas.

By trade I’m a librarian and it was totally fun to hear them tell me about the books they are reading.
By family I am the mother of sons. This much femininity is a rarity more precious than jewels.

And as a knitter, I appreciate how quickly they picked up the skills. I want them to feel that knitting is a hobby within their own budget. I hated it when my parents would let me get started in a craft but insist I pay for all the supplies once I’d used up the initial materials. So we did this whole thing on the cheap – without, I believe, sacrificing quality. I made them their first needles from dowels and wooden beads. I rubbed them down with rose oil and oo la la! was that ever a hit. Not only did the needles smell great, their hands and their knitting did too!

I cast on and knit the first row for them last night. I wanted them to jump right in knitting. We knit penny pouches. That’s what I call little draw string bags knit in garter stitch. Then I taught them binding off. This took them about an hour and the sewing up and adding fringe and beads took another 45 minutes, with a little break in between. Then I taught them knitted-on casting on to start their second project, a
bookmark, which they can knit on through the week. The bags and bookmarks take about 14 yards of worsted weight wool with plenty left over for fringe.

I’d bought skeins of interesting looking acrylic yarns from Smileys and then made them 14-yard balls of yarn in all the colors. Each girl got a gift bag, a pair of needles, 4 balls of yarn, a plastic darning needle, a crochet hook and a handful of beads. I had planned to have them make their own needles next week and start them on headbands, but they both want to do the little stuffed rabbit instead so next week they learn purl!

penny pouch.jpg

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