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Wednesday, February 05, 2003  

Too tired to post last night, but the class went well. One student was sick with flu but the other 2 figured up the number of stitches to cast on for the body and jumped right in. Both are using pretty blue yarns. Both chose not to put stranded colorwork in after the ribbing (as one said "I don't need a band of color around my hips.") So - with 2 weeks to work on things, their assignment is to meet a goal of knitting one inch a day, with a little extra effort thrown in if their chosen underarm length (measured from bottom of ribbing to where sleeve joins) is more than 14 inches. The average length for most people is between 12 and 16 inches. The nice thing about designing a sweater this way is that you can make it the length that is most flattering to you. I've chosen 16 inches because I want a pretty big sweater.

This makes me ponder the importance of choosing a wonderful yarn. If one is going to knit plain st. st. over 150+ stitches for 14 inches, a glorious yarn is really important to keep boredom at bay. If one is constantly holding something luscious and beautiful, it is a whole lot easier to do the same thing with it for hours and hours.

Another tip I gave them was to put a marker at the halfway point of the round. I find it keeps my enthusiasm up when I can say "oh look - I'm over half way around! - maybe I will knit one more round after this." My markers are always little loops of contrasting yarn that I slip from one needle to the other. I'm always losing them anyway so I may as well lose free ones. Of course I don't have puppies or kittens so the pockets full of scattering yarn loops are only a nuisance. and Yes - I leave a trail of them wherever I go. Like Hansel and Gretel.

The flu lady will get a private lesson at lunch on Thursday so she can catch up. I can always be persuaded to talk about knitting.

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