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Tuesday, February 04, 2003  

Tonight my “Make Your First Sweater” class begins actually knitting their sweaters. The students should have done the following:

bought yarn and needles
knit swatches in the round
gotten the gauge on a fabric they like
measured the chest (or a favorite old sweater at chest) of the person the sweater will be for.

They’ll get my worksheet for knitting an EPS sweater and we’ll fill in the numbers for their sweaters. Then it’s time to cast on.

I began Sigvaldi with 167 stitches + 5 for the steek and ribbed for 9 rounds. This is about 1.5 inches, just what the pattern called for. I don’t want a band of white ribbing around the hips and wrists so I knit that in the Main Color, (MC) a dark brown as well as one plain row of knitting to put in the 12 increase stitches. I’m using a cream for the first Contrast Color (A) and a rust for the second Contrast Color (B). I had a lot of trouble counting on this first row and made lots of mistakes. I believe I had to rip the whole thing out at least once. After that, though it was plain sailing through all 11 rows of this pattern.

Or so I thought.

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I didn’t discover this error till I’d done 3 rounds of plain knitting in the MC. There were 6 pattern repeats where I had miscounted, putting a rust stitch where a brown one should have been, destroying the V design the rust stitches were making. That’s what happens when you are knitting in a car, talking volubly to your girlfriend about visiting great yarn shops. Fortunately, the pattern repeat was K3 in MC, K1 in C, so there were only a few stitches that needed switching. I corrected some of the errors by knitting to the stitch with the error in it, dropping that stitch down to the mistake, picking up the right color and crocheting back up to the needle again. I left some of the mistakes, though so that I can show the class how to repair this type of mistake in their own knitting.

A word about knitting with the Carodan Farm's wool. It’s a rugged feeling wool – no cushy soft merino. It doesn’t glide across your fingers. The first few rows of the color pattern did not knit up quickly, though not unduly slow. But the longer I work with it the more fun it is to knit. Great elasticity. Rich and complex color. It creates a fabric with a sort of pebbly texture, not smooth but not scratchy at all. It’s had the neck test and the belly test and there is no itching, although it does feel textured. I am very pleased with it.

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