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Wednesday, February 19, 2003  

Today I must go be gainfully employed after this wonderful snowy hiatus. No more long leisurely mornings knitting by the fire, no more knitting videos before lunch, no more naps! How will I survive? At least I will have a knitting class tonight (last night’s sweater class postponed) and I’ll have access to a scanner at lunch so I can put up some sketches. Yes yes. In between naps and knits, I’ve doodled a few more views of Life of a Knitting Queen. :D

I’ve also had lots of time to read up on how to code with blogger - and still can’t find out why my blog is flashing on some displays, making it unreadable by some dear friends. Boo Hoo. And found lots of things that can $5 me to death, but make my blog fun. Anyway, also on said lunch hour over the next few days I will either find out how to stop the flashing (which I suspect is connected to the color changing properties) or change the template.


As for Sigvaldi, I’ve knit one sleeve and most of the other. But ... and here’s a rub I’ll leave to discuss with students tonight - I find knitting with 16” needles cramps my hand. The needle tips are just too short. So when I knit the second sleeve I just kept on knitting it on the double points. My hand never cramped, but the knitting is much tighter, making the sleeve a lot (like 3 inches) narrower!! The tightness of the fabric kept whispering to me as I knit it, but I didn’t really look till I had only maybe 25 rounds left to knit. (about 4 inches) I switched to the circular right away but I’m not sure if I want to go back and do all, or part of, the sleeve again to make it match.

But it is a perfect opportunity to talk with my adult students about fixing errors, perfection in knitting, compromise, and satisfaction with product. We’ll have the same discussion I had with my young student last Saturday, and then I’ll decide. Fortunately I’m a Meyers/Briggs ENFP helps, so I solve problems well in committee. (being a Virgo, this also means so long as I am boss.)

Also - we only just start on the sleeves tonight and I don’t intend to attach my sleeves till the class on yokes, in 2 weeks. The most difficult to explain, yet most fascinating part of yoke sweaters is attaching the sleeves and I have to have something to demonstrate on. So this means I really have to set Siggie aside and knit on something else. And I am as excited as if I were going on a shopping trip! In a way I am, though just into my stash shop. So - what shall it be? The Tibetan Gold waterspun with the multi-colored discontinued Ciao knit in quilted stitch in the shape of a sort of Chanel jacket? The Brown Sheep handpaint in Peacock with the stranded strawberries knit in BS handpaint Strawberry Patch? The funky greenygoldey color that looks like canned lima beans (yeah yeah, I’m southern, but my mama was from Pennsylvania) but also looks great on me - with the eyelash color and cuffs? well, probably not that one. It hasn’t lived in the stash long enough yet. Probably be the Brown Sheep.


In the mean time, while working on the Barbara Walker Afghan project I fell in love with one of the lace patterns. Really in love. It is the most soothing pattern - feels like a waltz as I’m knitting it. And I got to thinking about how this would look done up in something cobwebby. I had 2 balls of wonderful stuff, and no I haven’t any idea what they are since I’ve lost both ball bands, but I can track them down and will do so, one purple, one multicolored, and I began working on a scarf knit with both strands held together, on size 11’s. But! I switched the pattern from stocking stitch to garter stitch. Wow! It works! It never occurred to me you could do that, and over the years I’ve poured through BW’s 4 stitch collection books looking for garter stitch lace patterns. Now I can’t wait to look for more opportunities to make garter stitch lace.

Another neat thing about this scarf is how the multi-colored yarn is arranging itself in the pattern. It’s mainly shiny pink, shiny baby blue, shiny orange and shiny purple. The purple pretty much disappears into the purple mohairy stuff. The pink and blue are muted looking and the Orange is VISIBLE and it is traveling in a zig zag across the face of the scarf at the same angle as the lace patterns. This looks so cool and so deliberate, people will think I am the cleverest thing. (oh Dear Lord, please let there be enough yarn in these 2 balls to make a scarf I can really use)

Look for pictures later today.

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