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Sunday, February 23, 2003  

Talk about so little time! whew. I did some knitting on the lace scarf - looks like there is maybe a yard or two of the yarn left so I'll wind it up in the a.m. I am a lark - a true dawn prowler and 9:30 is bedtime for me. So what am I doing here? ahh there is a pile of laundry on the stripped bed, (left so I would put the darn stuff away before going to bed tonight. Where do I get these stupid ideas?) and I've been to the city, to see a movie. at a theateor, as folks say it 'round here. And we stopped for barbecue at the Smokey Pig on the way home.

And I cleaned house today. The first fresh breeze of spring tickled the treetops this morning, shoving aside the blanket of storm clouds that shut down power in town yesterday. We had to finish up the adult class sitting by a window. These students are so good - they are ready for more sooner and with greater skill than any beginner class I've taught yet. So I gave them the teddy bear sweater pattern I developed for the Knitters Review retreat, and a lesson on using double points. They are to knit the body of the sweater by next Saturday and if they can, to knit the sleeves as well. I'll knit up a couple of extra sleeves just in case. Then we can start right in on joining sleeves on a circular yoke sweater and the concepts of phony seams and proportional shoulder decreases.

My little gjrls Kool-aid dyed their yarn and learned to knit i-cord. I gave them some rather challenging yarn - Patons Canadiana, a very stretchy acrylic boucle. I was a bit nervous about their handling it but they just whipped out needles, cast on and knit away.

and now it's even later and the laundry is still on the bed. best get to it or I will be the one thing that doesn't get to lie on the bed tonight.

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