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Thursday, February 20, 2003  

Man, this going to work is gonna wipe me out! I was so tired last night I didn't even snack when I got home from my class. In spite of schools being closed, or perhaps because of it, the place was packed all day with folk we don't usually see in the library till the weekends. And I kept forgetting it was Wed., one of the nights we stay open late. All day people would call and say "How late are you open? and I'd say with my singsongey-little-miss-helpful voice "Oh we'll be open till 6" and they'd ask "Till 6? ohhhhh". I don't work late on Weds, but was staying late to teach a make up knitting class. I'd gone to the gym at 5 and when I got back to the building at 6 I noticed the parking lot full and was all huffy about people imposing on my assistant, keeping her past closing time. "Well, I'll soon sweep them out of the building" I thought as I burst through the back door, only to see the calendar and realize I'd been thinking it was Tuesday all day long. What an idiot!

One of my young Saturday morning students has taken flight with her needles. With this long snow holiday, she's had time to experiment. Not only did she finish her beaded purse but she has created her own knitted dragon, complete with wings and long snout. Her mother was thrilled to see this burst of creativity, and you can imagine how my heart swelled. Good thing, too, since the class that followed this revelation was a lot harder for me to teach than I had expected, thus ensuring no swelling went to my head. Each student is doing something different, albeit within the framework of a sweater. I had to do a lot of mental gymnastics trying to meet everybody's needs and ended up feeling like I didn't quite make the mark. One student wants to knit a circular sweater but with set in sleeves and a high turtleneck. I have not yet successfully done this myself so it's a bit difficult to teach her what I don't know. I am almost there on a sweater I'm knitting, but not quite - and that particular project, I fear, will require serious frogging. I think I knit the sleeves too short and there is fancy cabling and i-cord on the cuffs. (this was last winter's UFO) Oh - we have the book, Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop, but the instructions are modest in the extreme. We haven't decided yet, but my suggestion was that we knit up to the neckline and then call Meg Swansen at Schoolhouse Press and ask for help.

One thing I did decide, after discussing with class, was that the tightly knit sleeve on Sigvaldi was not so very tight after all. Perhaps it has relaxed over the past 24 hours. Perhaps it never was as bad as I thought. But when I stacked the two sleeves there was really only about 1/2 inch difference. That said - I will leave well enough alone - and leave the whole thing alone till the class is ready to join sleeves in 2 weeks. Besides - it looks like I have my next project all picked out - finish that dagummed gold sweater with the set-in sleeves!

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