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Saturday, February 08, 2003  

Just finished up the 2 Saturday classes. And they were just as much fun this week as last week.

My morning class with the young girls was bliss – Both of them had bought more yarn, more needles and knit more things all week. Little rings, another drawstring bag, and both had started scarves. Today’s project was a knitted bunny from a free pattern Jackie had on her HeartStrings Fiber Arts website last year. I wanted to be sure they could assemble the bunny so I had knit squares and they sewed them up. Then they knit the ears, which gave them practice in casting on and taught them the K2tog decrease. Then they got to choose a ball of yarn to knit their bunny’s playmate as a homework project this week. Next week they will knit small bags with their monogram worked in beads.

The adult beginner class finished their ribbing and began the color stranded patternwork on their hats. It’s fun to watch as they grasp each step, understanding what is happening and gaining confidence in their abilities. And as happens so often, one liked reading the chart, while another liked reading written directions.

And the weatherman says maybe more snow tomorrow!

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