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Wednesday, February 26, 2003  

It is snowing again. Just a dusting of it right now but the forcast is for constant snow throughout the day and into the night. Happily, I am still enjoying all this falling stuff. We went so long without rain last year I haven't gotten tired yet of snow or rain. I think I will need another 12 inches before I might complain.

I've got a link over in my spinning section to Victorian Videos. It was a little difficult to decide where to put that link since it's not just a spinning site. They make some of the best craft videos I've ever seen. They produced Patsy Zawistoski's videos (see link under spinning) from which I learned just about everything I know about spinning. I'm a big fan of video instruction since I'm both dyslexic and an auditory learner. (put me in a lecture and I'll look like a genius - hand me a book and it better have pictures) But I'd recommend perusing their entire catalog because they have a wealth of offerings and the quality of their production is very high.

It was through their catalog that I discovered another fabulous craft/art teacher, Tory Hughes. What can I call her? Ms. Polymer Clay? My friend? Not that I've ever met her, but she is one fantastic artist and one fantastic video instructor. She is absolutely comfortable before the camera and her ability to explain a very tactile activity with language is right on target. There is an entire video on making buttons (to match your perfect handpaint cardigan?). Here is an interview she gave The Crafts Report in 2000.

And just in case you're curious, here's the tale of buying HeyBaby, my Ashford Elizabeth spinning wheel.

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