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Monday, February 17, 2003  

Finished up the first sleeve of Sigvaldi yesterday. made it 17 inches long. I want this sweater oversized but not enormous. I've started the other sleeve but it's still on double points. It's nice this sweater is growing on size 7 needles since I have dozens of 16" size 7 circulars around the house. I use them with my beginner's class and I always buy the students their supplies for this first project. Can't get 16" needles or anything much in the way of yarn around here, so I supply all materials and charge for it. The extra yarn goes into my stash and if I were ever to run short for a class - if that impossible possibility were ever to occur - I can raid my stash. But I always worry I won't have enough needles, so I tend to buy extras that get put into my yarn when they aren't used for the class. I've been glad for the extras, though, for I've given away several to young visitors who wanted to learn how to knit while at Bess' girls camp.

I bought the yarn I'm using for the Lopi design last fall at the Knitters Review Retreat. Carodan Farms was one of the Retreat vendors and I fell in love with their stuff. I didn't know what I wanted to make of the yarn but I knew I wanted it to be a color stranded garment. So I had to sort of wing it when guessing the ammount. I had 800 yds of the MC, and 400 yds of 2 secondary colors and 200 yds of a 4th color just in case. When I had knit up one skein of the MC I wasn't sure if there was enough. It looked mighty close.

So, of course I ordered another skein - which is not quite the same color since it is a different dye lot. The knitters eternal dilemma. But it is close and I will have enough yarn to get up to the yoke with the original stash. So much of the yoke is done in the contrast color that I'm not worried about changing dyelots up around the neckline. I'll just feign ignorance if anybody should mention it.

Actually, that is a boldfaced lie. I will probably point out the discrepancy to everybody who compliments the sweater. Don't you do that?

Anyway, while buying some yarn I figured I may as well buy some more yarn. One of the students in the sweater class is also using C. Farms yarn and she had bought the most gorgeous blue stuff. The color name is Blue Loch and while you can see it on their web site, I have yet to see the true, glorious beauty of that yarn show up on a computer monitor. You might even miss it's rich depth when looking at their free color sample card. It is a rich royal blue with enough plum red color carded into the fibers to give it a marled look. I look like I have jaundice when I wear blue, so though I like the color, I rarely buy it. But I had to have some of this yarn. DH would look fabulous in it, but I am thinking hard about how I could work it into something done maybe in a cream color with this as the surprise accent. But the odd thing about C.Farms yarn is .... there are no yellows - none - nada - no golds, no mustards, no lemons, no sunshines .... I have never seen a yarn company produce a whole line of yarns without some concession to the primary and secondary colors. I guess they just don't like yellow.

Yesterday's weather was perfect knitting weather and today doesn't look too different. I did take one vigorous walk with the dogs, through the woods, scuffling up the pristine snow blanket and making snow angels. Thank goodness PABDOS (stands for PerfectAngelBabyDarlingOnlySon) left one of his hunting coveralls at home. They are the perfect snow outfits. Feeling virtuous after my aerobic effort was just the antidote I needed after the cheese, sausage and egg breakfast.

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