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Saturday, February 22, 2003  

"Did you hear they got married at the funeral home?"
"yeah. They figured most of the family was already there so they might as well take care of it then."

Snatch of actual conversation overheard while getting my nails done. This is not from a Jef Foxworthy tape.

God I wouldn't live anywhere but the south.

And my order from Ozeyarn was waiting in the mailbox when I got home. I mean - life doesn't get any better. I'm a sucker for excess - bold color, texture, glitter, and I'd ordered 600+ yards of mohair boucle (for about $33.00 - I am not kidding ) in a color called - bummer, I don't have the swatch card here and I can't remember - but something delicious like Tropical Surprise. It is several shades of rich peachy pinks with shots of a caramel and medium lavender. I've been swatching it in and garter on #8 and 10.5 needles. An alpaca and a merino wool comes in dyed to match shades. Delivery was 9 days after my order and 7 days after the shipment notice Juliana emailed me.

Today should have been the last day of knitting classes but we'll probably make up last week's class next Saturday. And next day I'll be going to the Mid-Atlantic Fiber Arts Fair VII, Fort Magruder Inn, Williamsburg, VA. I don't quilt but I can appreciate exquisite needlework. And there will more than quilts at the show - may types of needlework are on view and/or for sale.

It is mud season in upper tidewater Virginia and the real question will be "Can Bess get out of her lane today?"

Good knitting to you all.

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